This Blog Has Moved…

The site redirect to the new address

is already set up and should be working. I have no idea if the RSS feed will also be redirected (I doubt that, to be honest), so this last post should serve as notification and of course invitation to join me at my new home. It doesn’t look that much different, I promise :)

Movie Night (And Other) Thoughts

The upside to this weird weather are magnificient rainbows. Too bad I was in the car and thus couldn’t take a picture.

It’s been the third Saturday I’m in the car on my way to or from my friend Heidi and the radio is playing Bloodhound Gang’s “The Bad Touch”. I admit it’s starting to freak me out a little bit.

I think we only saw three commercials before the trailers and the movie. One was for cigarettes and another one for Bacardi/something. Weird

There will be a lot of bad comedies hitting the big screen in Germany later this year.

If you’re a movie producer and you don’t want me to see your movie, casting Jennifer Aniston or Til Schweiger is a sure way to achieve that goal.

There are actors who’ve aged well since their first bout of stardom in the 80s. Patrick Dempsey and Rob Lowe for instance. Kevin Bacon on the other hand… not so much.

To quote Ken Levine “I crazy, stupid, liked ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love'”. Interesting characters, great writing and entertaining plot

Ryan Gosling should take off his shirt more often.

Today’s Leftovers, 11th Issue, 2011

Once again I’m trying to get back into the writing mood/mode *g* with compiling a Leftovers’ post. It’s a start. Kind of. I don’t know. Every once in a while I think “you have to write a post about *that*” but then I never do, because I’m too tired or too distracted or can’t focus on one thing long enough. But it’s getting better. I hope…

This will be a pretty short post, because I’m incredibly tired and am planning to go to bed soon. Before 10 pm on a Friday night. I feel like a loser, but I can’t help it. I didn’t sleep well last night and I had the next Tysabri IV this morning and those meds always make me groggy, so add the lack of sleep from last night and you get why I have troubles keeping my eyes open.

The thing that’s keeping me most busy at the moment is moving this blog to a self-hosted platform. It shouldn’t have been top priority on my to-do-list, but once I set my mind to it, I couldn’t help it. It’s still a work in progress, and this blog isn’t going to change much, but I will get a few nice things out of it. Decent ways to include photos and videos and all that. Just wait and see :-)

I’ve also been distracted by busy reading the “Wilderness” novel series, which I managed to read over the last few weeks. [A glowing review of this series was one of the un-written posts of the last few days]. I liked the characters and the writing and the time period in which the story takes place and I really enjoyed to accompany the Bonner family through these 30 years. I already miss them a little bit.

Over the summer I’ve also managed to catch up with “Switched at Birth” and really loved this show and I am so glad there will be more episodes later this year (or early next year). I also started watching “Suits” and have enjoyed it so far, even though I still am not a friend of Gabriel Macht’s slick hair in this role. It fits the character, but still… Ewww!

My friends and I have already managed to book our trip to the 2012 Icehockey Worldchampionship in Stockholm, Sweden. Yay! I’m so excited, because we used to have a great time at every worldchampionship we have been to over the last few years. And it’s in Stockholm, which is one of my favourite European cities, ever since I’ve been there as university exchange student (6 months) in 1997/1998. I’ve been back to Stockholm twice for a few days in 2003 and 2010 and I’m very much looking forward to this next trip in 8 months and 7 days. Yay!

I know there probably were some more things I wanted to write about, but right now my brain is much too tired to remember those things. I guess it will have to wait till the next post, which even might be the first post published on the “new” blog. Stay tuned…

New Activity: Geocaching

There is not much exciting or blog-worthy going on in my life at the moment. I’m still in this weird funk, but sort of optimistic that I’ll get out of it soon. I seem to start being more organized and a bit more active and I’m trying to keep that up this week without over-doing it. Besides procrastination I might also have a tiny problem with pacing myself or my activties. It’s not I’m doing too much in the sense of being exhausted, but in the sense of spending too much time doing it.

Reading the “Wilderness” novel series is one of these activies. I’ve started book 4 a few days ago and still like the whole story a lot even though the focus of the story has shifted from the novel with which it all started. I have a hard time putting the books down even though I know there are more important things I should do. :-)

Another activity which threatens to take up (too) much of my time might be “Geocaching”. I tried that last year with a phone app, but without much success and somehow I never got around to join Steffi once on a Geocaching tour before she moved to Munich. I always wanted to try it for real though and a week ago I finally did. I had booked a “try out geocaching” afternoon and it was a lot of fun. I knew I wanted to do that again and only a few days later I had ordered my very own first handheld GPS, a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx.
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Lost in Procrastination

I really don’t like myself much at the moment. Why? Because I’m lazy and unfocused and I avoid and put things off and procrastinate like a pro. At the moment it really seems like I could win gold medals if there was such a thing as the Worldchampionship of Procrastination. I feel like postponing and avoiding things is all I do. And I still haven’t figured out why. I always used to be a bit like that, especially with stuff or tasks I dreaded, but sooner or later I got over it and just dealt with whatever it was I postponed for a while. But this time, I feel like I don’t even do that, but let it all gather and pile up and bury me. Ok, the last might be exaggerating, but I really have no idea how to get out of this weird state of mind.

I spend much too much time thinking about anytime, anywhere or anyplace but the “right here right now”. If I don’t think about that, I watch TV shows or at the moment am completely hooked on the Wilderness novel series. I feel like I completely lack any self-control, because I know I should for example read textbooks for the grad school class I’m enrolled in at the moment instead of spending all my time reading about the Bonner family. I know that and I know that I should and could put the novel away and actually be productive in some way. I just don’t want to. Which might contradict the “could do it” part, I know.

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Finally… A Few Vacation Pictures

I’ve been back from my short vacation since last Sunday and still haven’t posted some photos. Shame on me (and my procrastination habit). There are a lot of other things I was supposed to be doing but than Nathaniel and Elizabeth from “Into the Wilderness” kept me entertained so much that it was (and still is) hard to put the book down. I really should find some strategies to overcome my procrastination tendency.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded a bunch of pictures from my 4-day trip to the Lower Rhine Region and a link to the photoalbum will be found at the end of this post. I’d love to comment on a few (or a lot *g*) of those pictures and tell you a tiny bit more about the trip and that’s what this post is about.

I stayed in a tiny, but amazing B&B with wonderful hosts and an amazing breakfast every morning:

02 breakfast
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A Change of Scenery Can Do Wonders…

This post will not include pictures (yet), because I wrongly assumed that my new camera had the same USB recaptable than my phone and thus I didn’t bring the right connector/plug to transfer photos to my netbook. I might either update this post with photos in a few days or more likely write a follow up post with lots of pictures.

I had planned this short vacation because I was so sick of my everyday life. Tired of the daily hassle of work at the office and work for my local Greens. Tired of various other seemingly important issues I have to deal with. I had hoped that a mere change of scenery would help to leave all the stress and (more emotionally than physically) tiresome stuff behind. I admit that I somehow expected it to not work out this way and that I would still spend too much time thinking about non-vacation stuff.
So imagine my suprise and more important my delight when I realized that this vacation here obviously was/is just what I needed. All the issues and all the people that used to bother me to some degree seem so far away. Stored away somewhere in the far back of my mind. I just don’t think about any of it. At all. Except right now when I actually try to remember all the stuff I don’t think about at the moment, if that makes any sense.

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