90 fearful minutes…

My mom didn’t feel well during the last couple of days. Among other things she felt cardiac arrhythmia. Obviously more severe than they have been for years now. Over the weekend I could talk her into seeing her general practioner today, who had her admitted in the hospital in no time! With her history of cardiac arrhythmia and especially the heart attacks that almost killed her last November, the doc didn’t wanted to risk anything. My mom is doing ok now, it’s not at all life threatening at the moment, but of course it could be dangerous in the long run if the heart keeps beating irreguarly. We’ll just have to wait and see what the various tests will show and the the docs in the hospital might want to treat it.

I’m sooo glad it’s obviously just cardiac arrhythmia, because… well, because my brothers and I went through hell last year and that’s not a thing I want to relive ever again. From the moment Bro3 called me at work to tell me about it until I saw my mom at the hospital about 90 minutes later, the all consuming fear had me in a tight grip and that’s just a horrible feeling. So, yes, I’m glad and grateful that it’s just arrhythmia and I’ll keep my fingers crossed and pray that the doctors in the hospital will figure out a way to fix it.


One response to “90 fearful minutes…

  1. All my best wishes for your mom! And so happy it’s “just”arrhythmia.

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