My Mom Is Coming Home Tomorrow…

Yay! That was unexpected, but of course I’m happy about it. When she called me around lunch to tell me that she still hasn’t been taken from her room to the cardio unit, she was really down, because she was so sure that she wasn’t going to be released from the hospital for christmas. And she was so sure that something would be going wrong during the procedure and so on…
When Bro3 and I visited her at 5.30 p.m. she was doing fine. The catheder ablation went well, and even though the docs didn’t find any tissue to destroy, they at least managed to get her heart beating at the right rhythm :-) Her heart doesn’t need to be monitored via ECG (finally after almost 7 weeks) and she was told that she will be released tomorrow. Wow! She still has to go to a special cardio rehabilitation clinic in the new year, but at least she can spend some time – the holidays! – at home.

Compared to this news there almost isn’t anything else worth writing about. I am spending way too much time on the West Wing :-). I finally managed to sort and file stacks of green party / local politics documents, files and such. I am determined to spend my free time tomorrow starting to work on the two grad school assignments. Before this vacation I thought I’d work on all sorts of things everyday (politics, grad school, some more stuff I wanted to get done), but I already realized that I should use one day for politics (today), one day for studying (tomorrow), one day for various other things, and then another day for politics…

I still feel like I have already forgotten some of the stuff I actually wanted to get done during this vacation. But maybe it will come back to me over the next few days. Anyway, now I’m off to todays first (and only) visit to the White House…


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