Short Weekend Recap…

If headaches were infectious I could blame Hai_di for my headache today :-) But as they are not, I only have myself to blame. And I can’t even do that. I usually sleep with one window left ajar, not matter how freezing cold it is outside. I just need the fresh air. Last night I was chilled to the bone after spending an hour at the hockey rink, so I kept the windows closed and had the heating on. I guess the lack of fresh air caused the terrible headache I woke up with this morning. I rarely have a headache and that’s why I’m so whiney and cranky at the moment. I took some aspirin but it didn’t help that much (yet) so I guess I’ll spend the rest of the day totally unproductive. I just have to try to overlook the mess in my apartement and the dust bunnies in the corners and just try to relax. Maybe I should go back to bed… I was planning to read some grad school stuff, but I probably won’t be able to concentrate…

Short recap of the weekend: The brunch with my hockey friends was really nice and watching the game with them as well. Their company was what made it entertaining at least. The game was not that bad in the beginning. It wasn’t good, but mediocre is all we obviously can expect from that team anyway. They even lead 3:1 after the 2nd period and should have been able to keep that lead. But of course the didn’t and lost 3:4 *headdesk*. What really pissed me off was the way some players misbehaved when the referree denied our team a goal in the last few seconds of the 3rd period. This was so unacceptable and in addition to their poor performance throughout the season so far, some of the player should really be supsended, fired or whatever. Just get them off the team and maybe let some of the junior team play. They can’t be worse and they definitely will fight more than these pathetic excuses for professional hockey players. Watching two of my brothers and some of Bro2’s coworkers play hockey last night, was fun though. Bro3 was already sweating after only putting on the whole gear :-) But it was so freezing cold at the rink which gave me a headache today (see above) which also will let me end this post. I will retreat to my comfy armchair, bundled in a comfy blanket and either watch West Wing or maybe thumb through some Scotland travel books and make plans for the 2009 summer vacation. I’ll still have to take another Aspirin, I guess…

Edit at 02.30 pm: The Sharks newsletter informed me in a mere two lines announcement that Mike Johnson is no longer a member of the Sharks team. Wooohooo! He was the greatest flop of all the new players and he was supposed to be the best new player. NHL and all. He probably didn’t got a new contract in the NHL, because he just plain sucked even over there.

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