Q & A

When I started with these questions I didn’t actually wanted to explain them, but somehow I did anyway. I guess I could have written an ordinary post out of all that just as well. Never mind…

  • When will I get (back) into some kind of study routine? It’s interesting stuff, once I get myself to start reading it…
  • Why do I seem to be the only one of our local Greens to actually do something instead of just talk about it? We’re talking about a great campaign thing for ages but we’re so slow in actually organizing it…
  • Why doesn’t “World without End” get me hooked in the way “Pillars of the Earth” did all those years ago? The story is not bad, but… I don’t know. Maybe I’ve got too many things on my mind. And I’m only on page 220. There are 1017 more pages to go…
  • How will I score on the Kieser back test on Monday?
  • When will I find the time to actually cook the risotto I planned for a while now and never get around to do? In the evenings I’m usually too lazy to start cooking although there still would be enough time to do so…
  • What hockey jersey shall I wear on Friday for my last Cologne Sharks game of this season? I’m really not inclined to wear the Sharks jersey, because I actually don’t want to be linked to THAT team. I might wear the Canada jersey I bought in Halifax. It’s hockey and it reminds me of better hockey times…
  • Is it safe to hope, that the current multi-episode-arc on Grey’s will finally give Paddy something to do? It looks like Derek definitely has some issues with Mr. Dunn… I can’t wait. There is a very promising promo here. There is also another spoiler floating around that makes me squee in delight, although it might just be a misunderstanding by some TV Guide writer. You can read about that on the elevator

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