Happy Moments (Week 21/2009)

There were quite a few things this week, which annoyed me to no end. But I don’t want to dwell on bitching about those, but remember these instead…

May 18th
The Walker siblings phoneconference and their lunch hour in Mexico

May 19th
Being worn out after the workout at Kieser, where I have to raise the training weights for three machines next time

May 20th
Starbucks’ Java Chocolate Chip Cream, Cologne Cathedral in the sun and knowing, that I can still laugh about the worst possible timing in my recent history

May 21st
Spending a wonderful afternoon at some friends’ home with coffee, sitting in the sun and watching their happy and active toddler running around

May 22nd
Knowing that at least two of my local Greens see it the way I do

May 23rd
Sitting outsite on my patio in the sun and working out some more details of my London/Scotland vacation

May 24th
By absolute chance finding the perfect shoes in a shop in my small home town during special Sunday opening


2 responses to “Happy Moments (Week 21/2009)

  1. It’s nice to be able to reflect on the good in a week, even…or especially not everything was positive.

  2. I tend to dwell on the negative things too much, so this will help keeping things in perspective…

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