Project365: Week 12 (078-084)

I gave up choosing a theme for every week and just took photos as I saw fit. I might get back to the theme thing some day. Instead of a theme I’ll have a explanatory caption for each photo.

078 Week 12-1
2009-07-12: Rainy day

079 Week 12-2
2009-07-13: Supplies for the reading maniac

080 Week 12-3
2009-07-14: My leftovers of scottish change

081 Week 12-4
2009-07-15: Being occupied… on the train, at home, all the time

082 Week 12-5
2009-07-16: Having dinner. Straight out of the pot.
In front of the TV…
being a total slob

083 Week 12-6
2009-07-17: Sadly… so so true. Bought this fridge magnet in Scotland

084 Week 12-7
2009-07-18: Small presents Hai_di brought from the USA


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