Project365: 099 – 105 (Week 15)

Taking computer-related pictures might indicate how I spend most of my free time this week. Writing, proofreading and designing election campaign leaflets and such. The rest are rather random pictures of this week. Like usual :-)

099 Week 15-1
2009-08-02: Rarely used so far in the summer of 2009

100 Week 15-2
2009-08-03: Switching off after some long hours

101 Week 15-3
2009-08-04: Result of another evening spend in front of the computer

102 Week 15-4
2009-08-05: Out of order

103 Week 15-5
2009-08-06: My hometown’s river…
looking more idyllic on this pic than in real life :-)

104 Week 15-6
2009-08-07: Summer is for cruising…

105 Week 15-7
2009-08-08: One of the many closed and converted mines in the Ruhr Area


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