Project365: 113 – 119 (Week 17)

Already said all about this week in the other post :-)

113 Week 17-1
2009-08-17: Large mixed salad at Vapiano

114 Week 17-2
2009-08-18: Fountain at the mall

115 Week 17-3
2009-08-19: Flower among all the weed in my flowerbox
(which I didn’t plant anything in this year)

116 Week 17-4
2009-08-20: Just before the storm

117 Week 17-5
2009-08-21: Running out of space for my (fridge) magnets

118 Week 17-6
2009-08-22: Special badge for enviromental zones :-)

119 Week 17-7
2009-08-23: Afternoon sky

3 responses to “Project365: 113 – 119 (Week 17)

  1. Hey Susanne,
    wo gibt’s denn die Umweltzonenaufkleber fürs Fahrrad? Sowas brauch ich auch! :-)))
    LG Simone

    • Keine Ahnung :-), aber zu schön, ne? Hab nur gehört dass da irgendein Patent drauf ist, also dass man die sich auch nicht so einfach selber basteln darf.

  2. Hi, I am Egyptian but now, I am living in Korea so I propose to you to visit Egypt or South Korea so you can smell and the see the real meaning of an old civilization. All the dishes in Korea are almost similar to your dish.

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