Project365, 134 – 140 (Week 20)

I guess this weather is wearing me down. Ok, and the lack of sleep from last night. And the successful workout at Kieser. I could raise the weight at some machines. Yay! But that also lead to some sore muscles in my back :-) It feels good though… So, without further ado, last week’s project365 photos:

134 Week 20-1
2009-09-07: First “Pirate Party” poster I saw “in the real world”

135 Week 20-22009-09-08: Limbecker Platz – shopping mall

136 Week 20-3
2009-09-09: It’s time to wear fleece and warm socks at home again

137 Week 20-4
2009-09-10: Very official mail :-)

138 Week 20-5
2009-09-11: derelict railway bridge

140 Week 20-62009-09-12: daily dose of caffeine

139 Week 20-7
2009-09-13: First game of the season…


One response to “Project365, 134 – 140 (Week 20)

  1. The piraten poster is brilliant, there’s no denying. (Though I’m not going to be unfaithful to the Greens, don’t worry ;))

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