Project365, 169 – 175 (Week 25)

I almost forgot to post this tonight. I really should head to bed soon, because I won’t get that much sleep in the next few nights. I know there actually is no such thing as “sleeping in advance”, but I still should get a good night’s rest tonight.

169 Week 25-1
2009-11-06: “Brotzeit” (Lunch) in Munich

170 Week 25-2
2009-11-07: Mariensäule (Marian Column) in Munich

171 Week 25-3
2009-11-08: Livingston on the train’s music program

172 Week 25-4
2009-11-09: Autumn is almost over

173 Week 25-5
2009-11-10: Leftovers from the Munich Weekend

174 Week 25-6
2009-11-11: Coffeeduck for my Senseo

175 Week 25-7
2009-11-12: Lots of lighthouses for my office


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