Project365, 183 – 189 (Week 27)

I took most of these photos with my new Palm Pre and I’m not sure yet if I really will leave my camera at home from now on. The camera definitely takes better pictures, but it’s a lot easier to take them with the phone that’s close by all the time anyway. When I edited the photos in a batch I messed up a tiny bit, that’s why these photos are smaller this week.

183 Week 27-1

2009-11-20: The package I was waiting for… my Palm Pre

184 Week 27-2
2009-11-21: Bro2’s bedroom wall

185 Week 27-3
2009-11-22: Kind of healty dinner

186 Week 27-4
2009-11-23: “Kitsch as Kitsch can”

187 Week 27-5
2009-11-24: Typical view these days

188 Week 27-6
2009-11-25: Moose on the loose :-)

189 Week 27-7
2009-11-26: My new and shiny toy


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