Project365: 225 – 231 (Week 34)

Busy week and busy weekend. Before I’ll spend some time with the White Collar crime unit tonight, I should at least post this weeks photos :-)

225 Week 34-1
2010-01-09: Even this weather couldn’t disrupt the Grand Opening of RUHR.2010

226 Week 34-2
2010-01-10: Proof that I was part of the Grand Opening :-)

227 Week 34-3
2010-01-11: Poinsettia (in German: Weihnachtsstern) in my mom’s livingroom

228 Week 34-4
2010-01-12: my new torchiere lamp

229 Week 34-5
2010-01-13: map of Essen University

230 Week 34-6
2010-01-14: Statues at the Limbecker Platz Mall

231 Week 34-7
2010-01-15: Couldn’t exist without warm socks in the winter

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