Project365: 280 – 287 (Week 42)

One of the “Times are changing” resolutions to keep up with the project365 pictures. So here are the latest few…

280 week 42-1
2010-03-26: Bought this months before I knew there’d be a movie ;-)

281 week 42-2
2010-03-27: Easter Fair in Dortmund

282 week 42-3
2010-03-28: I could not NOT buy this…

283 week 42-4
2010-03-29: Blue sky on my way home. Yay!

284 week 42-5
2010-03-30: “Hockey game” in my kitchen

285 week 42-6
2010-03-31: I wish my legs were that long for real ;-)

287 week 42-7
2010-04-01: Bleak start of the Easter Weekend

2 responses to “Project365: 280 – 287 (Week 42)

  1. Very interesting photos!! I love the look of old books. I do have to ask though, what is that blue do-hickey. I look forward to more photos!

    • What’s a “do-hickey” ;-)? The blue thing is a towel hook and it has the shape of a moose head. I have a thing for moose.

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