Already out of ideas :-(

Post #5 of NaBloPoMo in May 2010. This month’s theme is: Look Up

I’m pretty sure that this will be my last thematical NaBloPoMo post. I might not have difficulties to find things I want/can write about. But to do that on the same topic or relate to that topic every day? It will end in very, very, far-fetched relations and that’d be a cheap shot. So I will try to continue with the daily posts in May and maybe even write a few with regards to this month’s theme.
This one will be another photo post as the opportunity just presented itself this afternoon. I actually was more or less directly below it when I looked up into the sky the first time. But it took a few moments to get my camera out of my bag and then to find a more open space among all the buldings. When I finally had it in sight again it was already a long way off… Still, the things you see in the sky sometimes ;-)

Up in the sky


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