Daily Archives: 6 May, 2010

Crime And Society

After some consideration I decided to write two seperate posts about all the stuff that’s still running through me mind after having finished reading “This Body of Death”, the latest novel in the Inspector Lynley series by Elizabeth George. This first post will be almost spoiler-free and I really try to not give away anything essential to the plot (except maybe in the end, when I will have to write a tiny bit about one of the characters. Something you would find out or at least suspect in the first few chapters anyway). If you are planning on reading this novel anytime soon and don’t want to find out just the tiniest bit of the content in advance, you might want to stop reading now. This post will not really be about the novel / plot itself, but much more about the kind of frame narrative.

Because it still haunts me and keeps my mind occupied with thoughts about our society and justice and human behaviour and a lot of stuff. I can’t remember any other story having that impact on me since I read  “We need to talk about Kevin” (by Lionel Shriver) a few years back. And the events and the story in this frame narrative of the Lynley-novel are equally disturbing.

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