Daily Archives: 16 May, 2010

Grey’s Anatomy 6.22 – “Shiny, Happy People”

One week till the season finale and better late than never the show seems to get it’s groove back. Two enjoyable episodes in a row. Wow, what a lovely surprise :-)

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My “Date” with Ovechkin ;-)

I’m back from Cologne and from the best game I’ve seen from the German icehockey team in a loooooong time. Probably the best I’ve ever watched. At least the best I’ve watched at a hockey rink and not on TV. Our team was so so so amazing. They fought and never gave up, they hardly made any mistakes and they really seemed like a team, whose members know each others moves and it all just fit. I was so proud of our boys after the game!
Ok, they lost the game, but instead of the expected 0:8 result it was a tight 2:3. Against Russia! A team with quite a few of the big NHL stars among them. Varlamov. Kovalchuk. Federov. Semin And of course Ovechkin. I was really looking forward to see him play on the ice just a few metres away from me. He was In motion most of the time, so I couldn’t really take any decent pictures. But at least I managed to snap one of his backside during the warm up ;-) Continue reading