Daily Archives: 22 May, 2010

Grey’s Anatomy 6.23 / 6.24 – “Sanctuary” / “Death and All His Friends”

During the last few weeks the Grey’s internet community was buzzing with a lot of spoilers about the season 6 finale. There were sneaks and earlier this week ABC even officially released the first 9 minutes online. I always thought the finale would be intense and entertaining, but I have to admit I also expected it to not live up to the expectations. Especially when I read various actors mentioning that their first reaction to reading the script was “Holy Shit!” Because seriously, how much surprise and suspense and passion and emotion and compelling and clever storytelling could/should we expect from Shonda Rhimes after season 5 and 6?
(The clip of) The first 9 minutes seemed like a very good start into this finale. But from that minute one till the end I was literally on the edge of my seat, eyes glued to the screen with basically just one thought on my mind. And that was: “HOLY HOLY SHIT!” I honestly don’t remember any season finale on Grey’s or any other TV show (LOST excluded, but LOST is not just “any other TV show” after all) which had kept my attention like this one did.
I watched it between two doctors’ appointments yesterday morning on Bro3’s computer at my Mom’s place and after a while she came into the room and asked “What’s going on that you have to scream so much every few minutes?” I sent her out right away, because I really couldn’t deal with any distraction at this point. (“Seriously, Mom, there’s a freaking shooter in the hospital!” I didn’t tell her that though, because I would have to explain about Grey’s and everything and like I said: no time for distraction)

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