Project365: 344 – 352 (Week 51)

I’m still here! In case anyone was wondering… ;-) But I was busy with work, watching the worldcup and some other stuff over the last few days. I was also still not quite 100% to my old self, healthwise. I’m still more tired than usual and I can’t write coherent blog posts when my brain is too tired. Even though I have quite a few things on my mind at the moment (maybe too many things and that’s what wearing my brain out as well *g*), I still don’t manage to put some of that into a blog post.

There are a few new photos at least…

344 week 51-12010-06-16: The other side of the RUHR2010 Starbucks mug

345 week 51-22010-06-17: Lighthouse calender at my office wall

346 week 51-32010-06-18: Just an ordinary, typical german stamp

347 week 51-42010-06-19: The water is supposed to look like that,
with the special “Grubengold – Bathing like a miner” bath salts :-)

348 week 51-5
2010-06-20: Stamping in my new watchband

349 week 51-6
2010-06-21: Spare change

350 week 51-72010-06-22: Getting ready for my spontaneously
planned vacation in late August


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