Watching Movies…

I try to watch movies from the US or UK in the original English version and it works fine with DVDs. Most cinemas and TV networks in Germany only show the dubbed version of movies. If I haven’t seen the movie in English or if it was a German movie to start with, it’s marked with a [G] for German. The list is chronological, with the latest one on top.

Flypaper (iTunes)
Transformers – Dark of the Moon (Cinema)
The Tree of Life (Cinema) [G]
Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides (Cinema) [G]
Bend It Like Beckham (DVD)
Almanya (Cinema) [G]
Marie Brand und der Sündenfall (TV) [G]
A Knight’s Tale (DVD)
Die Trödelqueen (TV) [G]
Look Back, Don’t Stare (DVD)
Marie Brand und die Dame im Spiel (TV) [G]
The Jane Austen Book Club (DVD)
Same Same, But Different (DVD) [G]
Finding Nemo (TV) [G]
The King’s Speech (Cinema)
Soul Kitchen (DVD) [G]
The American President (DVD)
Last Night (Cinema) [G]
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Know Thine Enemy (DVD)
Verlieren war nicht seins – Erinnerung an Robert Müller (DVD) [G]
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Chinese Walls (DVD)
Marie Brand und die letzte Fahrt (TV) [G]
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – One Guilty Deed (DVD)
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Natural Causes (DVD)
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Word of God (DVD)
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – The Seed of Cunning (DVD)
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – In The Guise of Death (DVD)
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Divine Proportions (DVD)
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – If Wishes Were Horses (DVD)

Movies/TV List of 2010

Movies/TV List of 2009

Movies/TV List of 2008


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