Project365 in 2011: Week 1 – Newness

I considered doing another “Project365” in 2011, starting from the first day of the year and really keep it up with the daily picture. Unlike the longer breaks I took when I did this project in 2008/2009. I was a bit hesitant, because I knew it would be difficult for me to come up with enough ideas to take pictures of. And I didn’t think I would be creative enough to come up with 52 different themes. But thankfully there are other folks who have ideas for project365 themes. ljauss posted a project365 link from the Digital Photography School on twitter and I’m determined to work with these themes for the most part. I might replace some with themes I choose myself, but mostly I think I’ll use these suggestions and will try to try out new things.

The first thing I tried is playing around with Gimp instead of just using the very simple PhotoFiltre to work on my pictures. I haven’t any idea who to use a decent photo software yet (and I’m too thrifty to pay for Photoshop (yet) so the open software Gimp will have to do for now. But I really have to do some tutorials next week, because I really have no idea what it can do. I just played around a bit creating various effects.

The theme for Week 1 (1st and 2nd of January) is “Newness”. The spice-rack in the 2nd picture is in fact really a rather new addition to my kitchen :-)

Week 01 - Newness 1

Week 01 -Newness 2


3 responses to “Project365 in 2011: Week 1 – Newness

  1. I have a spice rack just like that and ADORE IT. My only complaint is not having more room for more spices!

    • This one’s from IKEA :) I had to keep my spices in a box in one of my cupboards in the old tiny kitchen and I’m so happy to have them right at hand next to the stove now…

  2. Thanks for the link! I’m pretty likely to run out of ideas, so I’m going to need some!

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