Today’s Leftovers, 7th Issue, 2011

My friend Heidi complained (*g*) wondered why I hadn’t posted something about my trip to Berlin yet. Honestly? Because my mind was too occupied with work stuff and health stuff and because I was lazy. I only yesterday transfered the photos from my camera to the hard drive of my computer. I’m not sure if I will ever post some photos, because by now I’ve learned to not say “I’ll write about that/post this later this week/month”, because I’ll never do that after all. I really did enjoy my short stay in  Berlin, I saw lots of the “important sites/buildings” and I think it would be boring to list all of them here. The Jewish Museum is worth mentioning though, because it’s great museum, an incredible building and taught me (or made me recall) a lot about Jewish history and culture. I thought I’d also link to a few of the shops I spend so much money in (the shop at the Jewish museum was one of them) but I can’t find the receipts at the moment, so I have to wait for my creditcard bill to find out the shop’s name again :-)

° ° ° °

My hockey team had an amazing 6:4 win last night! Yay! The game itself wasn’t all that amazing all the time, but who cares? They won and it was such an important win if they still want to keep up the last bit of hope of getting into the playoffs. So YAY for the Cologne Sharks!

° ° ° °

Bro3 was admitted to the hospital this morning, because the metal plate that was put into his broken ankle got infected. Ouch! It has to be taken out and he is in surgery right this moment. Or maybe he is already out of it, but when I called the hospital around 5 PM to check on him. I was told that he hadn’t been in surgery yet, but that he was on the way to the OR. About 7 hours after he was admitted. Sounds a lot like the kid Nathan. the last Grey’s episode, doesn’t it? My mom was a nervous wreck when  she called me at work around noon to let me know. Oh well, what sick kids do to you, no matter how grown up these kids are :-)

° ° ° °

I’ve finally started reading “Whispers of the Dead” from the David Hunter series by Samuel Beckett. I bought the book a couple of years ago, it seems. The 4th novel is out already! And what can I say…. it’s addictive and very hard to put down. This afternoon I almost missed the stop where I had to get off the train, because I was so lost in this story. I bought the 4th novel this afternoon as well, just to make sure I have it around, if I might want to accompany David Hunter on his next adventure right awaxy as well. I’m pretty sure I’ll finish “Whispers” this weekend, if not earlier.

I’m planning to watch the latest Brothers & Sisters episode tonight though instead of keep reading. Old habits die hard, I guess. This show isn’t as good as it has been in the beginning. Far from it. But still…every scene with Scotty and Kevin is worth watching and I’ll just have to manage to endure the  rest. Pater Ralph… Ugh! *g*


2 responses to “Today’s Leftovers, 7th Issue, 2011

  1. Just a minor correction: It’s Simon Beckett. But anyway “Whispers” is really good, I’ve read in German and found it way better than the second book.

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