Daily Archives: 2 May, 2011


… Slovenskoooo, heja, heja, heja Slovensko!”

That was the song of about 9200 slovakian hockey fans at the Orange Arena in Bratislava last night. The 100 (or less german fans) had really no chance to be heared, because the slovakian fans really are incredibly loud and had a wide range of songs to sing and different ways to cheer their team on. Really amazing and usually a very entertaining group of fans to share an arena with. Not when you are playing against their team though :-)

But our team down on the ice did not seem to be impressed by this atmosphere, because they beat Slovakia anyway! Which was so so so incredibly awesome that I honestly can’t find the right words to express how impressed I was and still am. I don’t want to do a recap of the game here, you can just search any sport/hockey news site and read about it in detail there.

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