Daily Archives: 13 May, 2011

“Mourning” My Phone…

When I had to renew my cell phone contract (and get a new phone) at the end of 2009 I knew I wanted to get a smartphone, even though I only had a vague idea why and what exact kind of phone I wanted. I didn’t compare a lot of offers or such I bought the one that was a new / special offer from my phone carrier and I was more or less happy with this decision.
Over the last two years I read/heard about and saw a lot of others, newer, better smartphones and once I learned more about the limitations of the Palm Pre (for example: not nearly as much Apps as there are for iPhone or Android) I knew that my next phone would not be a Palm but either iPhone or Android. Just a few weeks ago I even already tried to get an idea of which kind of Android phones are on the market and which I might buy, if I wouldn’t buy an iPhone.

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