Finally… A Few Vacation Pictures

I’ve been back from my short vacation since last Sunday and still haven’t posted some photos. Shame on me (and my procrastination habit). There are a lot of other things I was supposed to be doing but than Nathaniel and Elizabeth from “Into the Wilderness” kept me entertained so much that it was (and still is) hard to put the book down. I really should find some strategies to overcome my procrastination tendency.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded a bunch of pictures from my 4-day trip to the Lower Rhine Region and a link to the photoalbum will be found at the end of this post. I’d love to comment on a few (or a lot *g*) of those pictures and tell you a tiny bit more about the trip and that’s what this post is about.

I stayed in a tiny, but amazing B&B with wonderful hosts and an amazing breakfast every morning:

02 breakfast
On the day I arrived I went on a 35 km bike ride and among other stuff I passed the “Wunderland Kalkar”, an amusement park in a failed (because of cost and political reasons/decisions) nuclear plant “Schneller Brüter Kalkar”, which never actually went online. A dutch investor turned it into a amusement park.

03 kalkar
I also passed a lot of sheep grazing on the Rhine embankment

05 schaafe am damm
I already wrote about the 2nd day in my post last week, so here is one picture from the Arcaelogical Park, more can be found in my online photo album, I mentioned above.

11 hafentempel apx
On day 3 I did a 103 km bike ride (to the city of Doesburg in the Netherlands and back) and had a great time, especially because the Netherlands are such a bicycle-friendly country. They have great network of cyclepaths seperated from the streets through wonderful countryside and it’s so easy to navigate. There are numbered junctions with a large map and information every few kilometers and there a a lot of direction signs. You only have to remember the number of the next junction and you could hardly get lost…

24 Radwegenetz Niederlande
25 Radwegnetz NL
If you prefer to cycle along the street, because it’s a shorter distance (like I did on my way back from Doesburg) you still have access to seperate bikelanes which have the right of way on cross sections with smaller streets, so the cars actually had to stop for you.
At crossroads of larger streets with more traffic there are crosswalks with light signal systems and there is a unique feature for cyclists, so that they don’t have to get off the bike. Just hold on to the pole with your right hand, push the button and keep your feet on the pedals to make a quick start once the light turns green :-)

26 Radampel
I wish I had had more time to spend in Doesburg, but I wasn’t sure how long I would need for the 50 km trip back, because I was afraid my legs would be tired after such a long trip. It is a beautiful small and historic city centre with the oldest pub “De Waag” in the Netherlands.

29 De Waag
I didn’t cycle a lot on the last day, because I was a bit tired from the long trip on the day before. I spend some time in the beautiful park of Schloss Anholt, which is a 4 star hotel by now, but the park is open for public (not for free, but it was worth it)

35 Schloss Anholt
38 Skulpturen Anholt
41 Wildblumen Anhalt
45 Schlossschwan
After that I cycled a bit further to the dutch city of Dinxperlo, which lies directly at the border. The funny thing is that one street in Dinxperlo is partly German. The road itself lies in the Netherlands, but one side of the housing zone is in Germany. The houses there belong to the small town of Suderwich.

48 Dinxperlo Grenze
I spent the evening of that last day walking around the small town Rees, in which I had stayed for this vacation. It’s a very nice small city centre, with a lot of different sculptures. Some of them commemorate historic events but a lot of others are works of art. I try to post more pictures of these works of art later this week but will leave you with one on top of the historic city wall

53 Stadtmauer Rees
As promised there are more vacation pictures in my photoalbum:

2011 Vacation Lower Rhine Region

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  1. That amusement park sounds really cool!

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