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Prompt: Favourite Character in a Work of Literary Fiction

A few weeks back I provided this prompt for the prompt-ly listserv, so it’s about time I follow up with my own blog post . After careful consideration I knew I had to write about two fictional characters. The first one should come as no surprise, if you have been reading this blog in the last two years.

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My Entry For The Outlander 20th Anniversary Contest

If you have been following this blog for the last two years you will have noticed that I am a huge fan of the “Outlander” novel series, written by Diana Gabaldon. You only have to check the tags on the right side  column to find the various posts I wrote about it :)

“Outlander” was first published 20 years ago and there will be a super special 20th Anniversary Edition. Karen from the wonderful blog “Outlandish Observations” decided to have a contest in celebration of this occasion. The prize is a copy of the 20th Anniverary edition, signed by Diana Gabaldon herself. The contest rules require a short description of what “Outlander” means to you. Of course I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to once more share with the world, why “Outlander” is my favourite novel series. The following is my contest entry, keep your fingers crossed for me :-) Continue reading

The Amazing World of Thursday Next…

I bought the first book of the Thursday Next novel series sometime in 2007, I think. I didn’t read it until the christmas/new year holiday 2009/2010 and then spent the first weeks of 2010 reading the remaining books of this series and totally loved it. It’s so difficult to describe what it’s all about. It’s comic fantasy, which is such a far cry from the usual fantasy a la Tolkien and such. It’s equally imaginative, but in a much more playful and hilariously funny kind of way.

I tried to sum up what it’s all about in a few words, because I want to share some of my favourite lines/moments from this story and it’s impossible to understand what’s funny about it without a general idea what the Thursday Next series is about. I failed to come up with a decent summary of the whole Thursday Next Universe though.
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The books I’ve read in 2011 are from now on listed at my “Read Shelf” at I’ll plan to add all the other books I’ve read as well, but it will take some time…

Book List 2010 | Book List 2009 | Book List 2008

Books I’ve Read In 2010

For my own reference. The list is chronological and [G/E] indicates the book’s language.

Lost in a Good Book – Jasper Fforde, 2002 [E]
02. The Well of Lost Plots – Jasper Fforde, 2003 [E]
03. Something Rotten – Jasper Fforde, 2004 [E]
04. The First Among Sequels – Jasper Fforde, 2007 [E]
05. Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins – Rupert Everett, 2006 [E]
06. Der Nobelpreis – Andreas Eschbach, 2005 [G]
07. Ali zum Dessert – Hatice Akyün, 2010 [G]
08. The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet – Reif Larsen, 2009 [E]
09. Was glaubst denn du? – Andrea Fischer, 2008 [G]
10. Gut gegen Nordwind – Daniel Glattauer, 2006 [G]
11. Alle sieben Wellen – Daniel Glattauer, 2009 [G]
12. Immer für Sie da – Hilfreiche Gedichte und Geschichten – Fritz Eckenga, 2007 [G]
13. The C-Word – Lisa Lynch, 2010 [E]
14. This Body of Death – Elizabeth George, 2010 [E]
Du bist Deutschland? Ich bin Einkaufen! Geschichten uns Gedichte – Fritz Eckenga, 2008 [G]
16. Bad Monkeys – Matt Ruff, 2007 [E]
17. Weil Samstag ist – Frank Goosen, 2010 [G]
18. The Year of Living Biblically – A.J. Jacobs, 2007 [E]
19. Ein Jahr in Stockholm – Veronika Beer, 2010 [G]
20. Die Essensfälscher – Thilo Bode, 2010 [G]
21. The Exile – Diana Gabaldon, 2010 [E]
22. Anne of Ingleside – Lucy Maud Montgomery, 1939 [E]
23. Rainbow Valley – Lucy Maud Montgomery, 1923 [E]
24. Rilla of Ingleside – Lucy Maud Montgomery, 1920 [E]
25. Mondflet – J. Meade Falkner, 1898 [G]

Miscellaneous – November 23, 2010

My internet kind of sucks at the moment. Or maybe it’s just the file download that is slowing it down and doesn’t allow me to use any kind of streaming, like youtube and such. I guess I have to be patient, which I have to admit I have a hard time with recently. Maybe it’s because there is so much going on. Or maybe, no, most probably it is, because people are so getting on my nerves recently. I’ve already started to ask myself if maybe the others aren’t the problem, but I just tend to overreact or misinterpret some behaviour or comments or any other kind of social interaction. Or maybe a lot of people just are a nuisance right now :-) I really try to not get riled up about some stuff, because it is such a waste of time and energy. But sometimes it’s hard to be “all Zen” about it.
Add all the things I have on my plate right now (work, local politics, grad school) and it’s a little wonder that I still feel like I’ve got a grip on it all. Well, more or less. Every once in a while my bad conscience is bothering me, because I am behind on some stuff and I tend to postpone doing it. Procrastination at it’s best. But I’ve got tomorrow off from work because I will have to accompany my mom to some pre-surgery exams and consults at the hospital. I’ve skipped out of a meeting I actually planned to attend tomorrow evening. There will be an additional conference call on Thursday night, so I really wanted to have at least tomorrow evening off. I’ve got Friday off work as well, so I should be able to get some of the things done.
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Miscellaneous – July 11, 2010

I don’t want to complain about the weather. Not that I like the temperatures at the moment, far from it. But everyone is complaining about the weather this days, that’s nothing new. And I’m blessed with a apartement where the temperatures don’t rise about 25 °C, no matter how tropical it is outside. I just can’t open the windows during the day, but who would want to do that anyway these days ;-)

But seriously, this weather is messing with my brain. I feel even less motivated to post anything here. To even think of a topic to write about. Except the weather, but… see above. I’ve got a few half-written posts on my computer or at least in my brain. Sometimes I wonder if there really is a difference between these two ;-)

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

I was and still am planning to take the bike to visit the “Still-Leben A40” event of the RUHR2010 next weekend. If it’s as hot as it this weekend, I won’t go there after all, but I’m hoping it will only be moderately warm. For the sakes of everyone involved. On Sunday 18th July , the main motorway in our metropolitan area will be blocked for traffic for 6 hours and there will be “the longest banqueting table in the world”. A 60 km stretch of road will be lined with 20,000 tables to create a meeting place for different cultures, generations and nations. It sounds crazy and it actually is, but I want to see it anyway ;-) (More information in English on their website) The tables will be on northern lanes of the motorway, the soutern lanes are the ones for bikes and rollerskates and every non-motor- means of transportation. It’s won’t be allowed to take your bike with you on the trains, metro and busses that weekend, because there will be so many people using public transport. So I have to get to the motorway on bike in the first place, which is a 30 kilometre distance. I’m planning to cycle for another 20 or 30 km on the motorway, which will probably feel really weird (but that’s the whole point of it *g*) and leave the bike at my office building in Essen to take it back with me on Monday. I’m really curious how the event will turn out and what kind of groups will have organized what kind of celebratory event at their tables.

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