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My Life According To LOST

What can I say… this is fun, even though it’s been difficult to find suitable answers with this show :-)

How to do this meme: Using only EPISODE names from ONE TV SHOW, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat an episode title. It’s a lot harder than you think! Repost as “My life according to (show)”.

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Sherlock probably never suffers from brain fog…

When I left the office this afternoon and went to the university library to get some textbooks for my termpaper I was highly motivated to continue to work on said paper tonight. Somehow that motivation vaporated on the way home though and was replaced by some strange lightheadness and dizziness. Not just like a low blood pressure, but also low on blood glucose. Self-diagnosed hypoglycemia ;-) Well, at least that’s the first thing that came to my mind, and it wouldn’t be a surprise because I ate and drank way too irregularly today. And I’m not sure if chocolate really is the best way to treat this ;-) I’m exaggerting, I know.
Looking up the right english term for “Unterzuckerung” at wikipedia at least taught me a new english term: “brain fog” (=cognitive dysfunction). I honestly can’t think of a german equivalent at the moment. Brain fog is pretty accurate for this state of mind. Not that I’m suffereing from a cognitive dysfunction right now (or if, it’s a very mild one), but I guess we’ve all been there once, wether it’s because of a lack of sleep or hormones or a heat wave…

I actually wanted to write a longer post about some new (or newly discovered) TV shows, music and more, but I’m not quite feeling up to it. So I’ll keep it short.

I’m still very much enjoying the Outlander audiobooks, because they don’t let me skip over things like I might have done if I had read the books again. While listening to the audiobooks I come across parts of the storyline or events I have already forgotten. It’s like discovering the whole Outlander universe all over again and it’s such a pleasure.

I’ve spent the last two evenings with Sherlock. Yes, Holmes. But the modern one from the new BBC series and I absolutely fancy him. The second episode wasn’t quite as fantastic as the first one, but still a lot of fun to watch. Why can’t the publically owned TV stations in Germany produce TV series / movies like this ? *sigh* I also started watching “The Big Bang Theory” and totally love it. I have no idea why it took me a few years to actually start watching. But I’m sure I’ll catch up with all three seasons until the start of the next one in September.

And I actually also had a few thoughts about some music, but I guess that has to wait until tomorrow. I still want to watch White Collar tonight and doing laundry and other stuff kept me occupied most of the evening.

Miscellaneous – July 11, 2010

I don’t want to complain about the weather. Not that I like the temperatures at the moment, far from it. But everyone is complaining about the weather this days, that’s nothing new. And I’m blessed with a apartement where the temperatures don’t rise about 25 °C, no matter how tropical it is outside. I just can’t open the windows during the day, but who would want to do that anyway these days ;-)

But seriously, this weather is messing with my brain. I feel even less motivated to post anything here. To even think of a topic to write about. Except the weather, but… see above. I’ve got a few half-written posts on my computer or at least in my brain. Sometimes I wonder if there really is a difference between these two ;-)

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

I was and still am planning to take the bike to visit the “Still-Leben A40” event of the RUHR2010 next weekend. If it’s as hot as it this weekend, I won’t go there after all, but I’m hoping it will only be moderately warm. For the sakes of everyone involved. On Sunday 18th July , the main motorway in our metropolitan area will be blocked for traffic for 6 hours and there will be “the longest banqueting table in the world”. A 60 km stretch of road will be lined with 20,000 tables to create a meeting place for different cultures, generations and nations. It sounds crazy and it actually is, but I want to see it anyway ;-) (More information in English on their website) The tables will be on northern lanes of the motorway, the soutern lanes are the ones for bikes and rollerskates and every non-motor- means of transportation. It’s won’t be allowed to take your bike with you on the trains, metro and busses that weekend, because there will be so many people using public transport. So I have to get to the motorway on bike in the first place, which is a 30 kilometre distance. I’m planning to cycle for another 20 or 30 km on the motorway, which will probably feel really weird (but that’s the whole point of it *g*) and leave the bike at my office building in Essen to take it back with me on Monday. I’m really curious how the event will turn out and what kind of groups will have organized what kind of celebratory event at their tables.

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Finally… My Long Announced (Long) Post About LOST

Ever since the final episodes of LOST aired a few weeks ago I wanted to write this (or at least a similar) post and explain why this particular end of the show bothered me. It took me a quite some time to actually figure it out and even while I was typing this over the last few days my thoughts still were all over the place. LOST is such a huge and complex and complicated story after all. Always has been, always will be and that is what I loved and still love and will love about this show. But I think another reason why it that took me so long to actually write down my thoughts in a coherent manner was that the the main objection I had to this ending, was surprising for myself and I had to think about that for a while.

But first of all I have to state that LOST was an exceptional show and I don’t regret being a fan of it, because all in all I had so much fun watching it. Thinking about it, discussing events, coming up with theories, trying to solve mysteries, answering questions… watching it has been an adventure and it never (or just rarely) has been boring. And I haven’t even been a die-hard LOST fan. I didn’t really obsess about the show or the characters or wondered about the “bigger picture” or anything. I just enjoyed the unique adventure / fantasy / science-fiction plots and I loved the characters and to see them grow as human beings and to see them find their purpose in life.

It was this combination of both aspects – on the one hand the fantasy / science (-fiction) stuff and on the other hand the philosophical / spiritual stuff – that I considered the show’s biggest quality. I didn’t necessarily expect to get answers for every question and every mystery we had encountered on the island over the last few years. At some point in season 2 or 3 I learned to accept LOST as the crazy, creative, mysterious, intelligent and entertaining piece of television it plainly was. A place where the laws of physics didn’t all apply. Where a scottish conscience could travel through time. An island which was off every map and couldn’t be located.
It was fun to watch and as it was a fictional TV show I didn’t really expect a plausible scientific explanation for any of it in the end. The genre is called science-fiction for a reason! If it’s good and entertaining fiction, I don’t mind a bit, that it was all just made up. And as it was entertaining for the most part I even was able to ignore that the smokemonster looked so fake and thus not scary for most of the first few seasons. To ignore that the frozen wheel which turned the island or the plug on the well of evil looked like props from a underfunded  80s movie of the “Indiana Jones”-adventure genre. Just to mention a few of my tiny pet peeves.

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LOST – “The End”

When I drove home from our small LOST breakfast gathering this afternoon I thought about what I should or would write about it here in my blog. After a few minutes consideration I decided to keep it short.

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Spring Fatigue (or something…)

It seems like my body (and mind) still haven’t adjusted to daylight saving time. Plus I’m kind of busy again in my spare time. So I’m tired all the time even though I go to bed at least around midnight (which actually is just 11 p.m.) *yawn*
One more day to work and then I can sleep in for three whole days. Yay! I’m supposed to volunteer at Ruhr.2010 on Eastermonday morning, on but haven’t gotten any details yet. So maybe this will shift be cancelled as well? Wouldn’t be too disappointed, because I can really use the sleep.

Work is rather slow at the moment, like it always is around holidays and school vacations. Good time to order some of the stack of papers and files and to work on some of the not-urgent assignments. But as they are not urgent, I’m rather tempted to not hurry too much with these at the moment either. There a couple of other things you can do with a computer and internet-access, right ;-)?

I’m leaving for London next Thursday and right now I’m in the process of completely re-scheduling all the things I want to do. Well, not all the things, because some are booked and paid for, but a lot of the other stuff on my “wanna do” list. And I’ll probably re-schedule again once I’m there and it’s raining or something. But I’m looking forward to it nonetheless. I really, really need some change of scenery!

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Tales From My Life…

I had an insanely busy week at work. I guess that happens when your colleague is out of the office for most of the week and lots of assignments turn up. There alsow as a lot to do in my 2nd job, which led to an packed Friday afternoon. There also was a lot of local politics stuff to take care of and before I knew it is Saturday again and I haven’t manage to write another blog post so far. To be honest there isn’t really so much newsworthy stuff to report, because of all the things I mentioned in the first few sentences.
I don’t know how much of this post I’ll manage to write tonight, because I’m following Nom24, the 24 hour live blogging of German TV on nomnomnom and it’s so much fun. But very very distracting. Anyway. Besides work and stuff I’ve also been busy with attending some nice events or doing nice stuff, so that might have added to the stress I had during the last 10 days.

I think I didn’t mention that hai_di and I’ve been to the Sunrise Avenue Unplugged concert last Friday. Fantastic show, because Samu has such a great voice and Osmo had great ideas for unplugged arrangments and it was really so much fun to watch. And awesome to listen to. Yesterday we went so see Livingston in concert. At the same venue where we’ve seen them for the first time 2 years ago. They were supporting Revolverheld and they did such a great show. We knew we had to keep uptodate with what they were up to and thanks to myspace we managed to. We’ve seen them in concert a few more times since then but it was just great to be back at to where it all started :-) And of course the concert was awesome. As usual.

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