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The Busiest Week In Recent Years

I can’t remember having had such a stressful week in the recent years as the last one has been. Some of the stress has been my own fault though, so I shouldn’t really complain. Or I’m not entitled to complain :-) I spend all of last weekend discussion the local budget with my local Greens. Two complete days (9 am –  pm5) working through all these numbers and discussing all of it, wears anyone out, I think. It wore me out at least and I wasn’t even in the mood for some TV or DVD afterwards, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything.  I honestly don’t even remember now how I spend my weekend evenings last week.

I usually have a 4-days-work-week , but I had to be at the office all 5 days this week and they were busy days! I admit I just started working at 2 pm yesterday, but because of a meeting I had to stay until 8 pm, which is always fun on a Friday. Not! Monday late afternoon and evening were packed with political meetings I had to attend. On Tuesday I had to stay longer at work than planned, so it was a bit hectic afterwards, because I was meeting friends at the movie theatre. On Wednesday evening I went to see David Garrett in concert. Yesterday evening and most of today’s afternoon I spend with writing a summary of all the things we Greens discussed last weekend, because we still have to work out which additional proposals we want to come up with and to map out our position to this budget. My brain is so tired once again now so I’ll have to work on that for a bt tomorrow as well. Sometimes being the chairwoman of the Green on the town council sucks because of all this work, but it was my own choice to fill this position. And I get an allowance for it, so I shouldn’t complain too much. But it sometimes really is a lot of work.

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I had actually started to write a long (and quite whiny, I’m afraid) blog post yesterday evening while I was sitting at the gate, waiting to board the plane to Stockholm. And when I got to the part which was the main reason for the post I realized how whiny the whole post was and how inappropriate the whining was. I was a bit ashamed about that, I have to admit. I could have continued to whine about the trip from the airport to the hotel, but I tried to remember why I shouldn’t be.

All day long yesterday I had to think of the very sad Daxenberger news. I don’t know why it moved me so much, but it did. All you Germans reading this, will probably have heard about it on the news yesterday as well or read it in the newspaper this morning. If not, just Google it. This morning here in Stockholm I even found a news report in English and the headline actually already says it all

Bavaria mourns adored Green party figure after double tragedy

There is really nothing left to say for me. Even though I’m a Green myself, I only just knew him from news or interviews and such, because I don’t live in Bavaria. But from what I’ve seen or read of and about him I liked him. I think he was one of the really good ones. Very down to earth, open and honest. I had no idea that his wife was sick as well. It’s so tragic and when I think of their children it breaks my heart. I don’t even know why this moves me so much more than equally sad stories about parents dying together in a carcrash or any other accident. But it does. It really really does.

While I was writing the first (whiny) draft of this post at the airport yesterday I started to realize how lucky I am. To have nothing more to worry about than whining about such unimportant things like the rain. Or unfriendly staff. Or expensive airport food and such. And it actually helped to get back some perspective. At least it should and I’m more than determined to get it back.

It’s still early in the day, so I guess I have enough time to catch up with mails and blogs and news sites before I’ll venture out in the rain and into the city centre.

Ramblings – Part 2

This is the post for all the frustrating and annoying things of this week so far. I don’t want to spent too much time writing about it, because it probably would be better to not dwell on it, let it go and just move on. The thing is, that I always have a hard time to just let it got and writing about it, even if it’s just a short omnious post, might help. I’m working on not letting all this stuff get to me (and I hope reading “The Four Agreements” might help with that. When I some day will find the time to read it *g*). But I’m not there yet and until there will be a post like this every once in a while.

I still don’t know if I will get a completly new assignment for the paper I flunked or if I can just continue working on that one. I asked the staff at the department over the phone before I didn’t hand in the paper. The first student assistant said, I would not get a new assignment. The mail I got a few days later regarding the procedure of repeating it, sounded a bit different. So I called again today. Another student assistant wasn’t sure about if I get a new assignment or could continue the old one. He asked the program’s coordinator and he wasn’t sure either, but wanted to find out and let me know on Monday. Seriously? I can’t be the first one to fail/flunk an assignment. They should know how to deal with that. This still leaves me baffled. I don’t want to let this thing slide again and really continue working on it. But I won’t continue to work on the old stuff, if these questions won’t be the ones I have to answer. But it’s taking them quite a few days to send mails to be available on the phone and to get back to me, so I’ve been in the loop for almost two weeks now. Which sucks.

The other frustrating thing is too complicated to explain in detail. I’d have to write a lot about the electorial system for town council and all kinds of legal and electorial stuff, which is to complicated to explain in English. At least when I’m running on only a few hours of sleep. The thing is, that my fellow Greens are frustrating me at the moment. In my small town the Green party only has got a few members and even less are more or less actively participating. But even these right now are hesitating or refusing to step up. And there are so many things on my mind I could say to them, but can’t, because these are rather cynical thoughts and uttering them won’t help. Not the cause and not me. So I have to find a way to put the essence of my thoughts in a non-cynical way and hope that I will be able to convince some of them. But it’s so frustrating.

And game 7 last night was frustrating, but I already covered that :-)

All The Things I Have To Deal With…

Let’s see what’s keeping me busy at the moment.

Work. Two jobs and in both there is a lot going on right. There is a lot to organize and deadlines to keep and just a lot of things to get done.

Local Politics / Green Party: Besides the usual town council work, the municipal budget debate started last week in all committees and the town council. Which means a lot more preperation and discussion among us Greens. We will be spending the whole weekend away, discussing the budget and working on additional proposals and stuff.
We’re also in the midst of preparing the election campaign, because there is supposed to be local election in early June. We are way behind with our preparation, and haven’t even finished putting together our electional programme. That’s one of the reasons I keep my fingers crossed for the State Constitutional Court tomorrow to rule in favour of postponing the election date till September. Well, there are a lot of other reasons why local elections in June were a stupid idea. Reasons based on my comprehension of democracy and all, but I have to admit, our lack of prepration definitely calls for voting later in the year :-)
We are also planning a special “Carbondioxide Lent” campaign with a few smaller events. It sounded like a great idea at first and I still think it is. We just haven’t really managed to organize that many events yet, not to mention we haven’t prepared any press and PR stuff yet.
I think the major problem with all this is, that our local Green Party consists of just a few people and even of those there are just 4-5 who are actively actually doing anything. Sometime I feel like I am the only person who is doing anything. Well or at least I think I’m the only person who is aware of how many things are not done, although they should be.

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“The West Wing” is back with season 8

There are a few things I could write about, but I’m rather stressed at the moment and I need to be lazy tonight. But I really really wanted to share this :-)

Promo for the new season…

Thank you, people of America

I am such a internet nerd. I didn’t have to get up yet, because I have to work longer (in the afternoon) today and I’m already working overtime this week, because I have to work on my free Friday as well. I woke up a few minutes ago, didn’t wanted to get up yet, but of course find out about the US Elections. The radio didn’t gave me any news (only music and commericials) in the few seconds I tried. So I turned to my cellphone which I kept on and on my nightstand, because of my hospitalized mom and you never know. I switched on cellity and checkey my timeline (tweets I’m following) but these short messages weren’t so  clear. Maybe I was too tired to understand them :-) Only then I realized that I should be able to get that information on TV. And of course I found out immediately. Good old TV :) I am SO SO relieved. Especially about the other news reaching my ears from the running TV. Democrat majority in congress and senate? So cool. And optimistic that it’s going to change the world.

Now I’m off to make some coffee. And go to the bathroom and out of my pjs and all :-)

Just a lot of venting…

When I got back home last night, I was too tired to rant. Although I felt like ranting and bitching about some stuff, I just couldn’t get myself to sit down and try to transform this anger and annoyance into words. Words which would make sense if they were strung together. So, I didn’t rant last night, but watched another Lynley mysteries DVD instead. With this rate I should order season 3 already, but I should be reasonable and watch some other stuff instead. Or spend more time working through the study material for the Engery 2 course. But if I was too tired to rant, I definitely was too tired to study.

After a more or less good nights sleep most of the anger wore off, although some of the stuff causing it, did not. I’m still extremly annoyed by my co-workers work attitude. It’s not that I can’t work without him, or use the office hours for other stuff *g*, when there isn’t that much to do. But it still would be nice to be able to talk to him every once in a while. In person. For more than just 30 seconds. I need feedback on some stuff, before I can continue working on it, and I don’t want to do it all over again later, when he disagrees with what I had in mind. Continue reading