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Grey’s Anatomy 7.09 – “Slow Night, So Long”

When I watched this episode last morning I felt pretty much underwhelmed. Last night I watched the episode again (yes, I watch every episode at least twice, I’m still a Grey’s addict, what can I say?), I fastforwarded through quite a few scenes, which I usually don’t do, when I watch it the 2nd time. When I didn’t had to endure all the characters and storylines I didn’t like, this episode wasn’t that bad. I actually liked a few things very much and was rather indifferent to others and.. well, skipped some more parts completely.

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Grey’s Anatomy 6.22 – “Shiny, Happy People”

One week till the season finale and better late than never the show seems to get it’s groove back. Two enjoyable episodes in a row. Wow, what a lovely surprise :-)

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Grey’s Anatomy 6.19 – “Sympathy For The Parents”

Wow! A Grey’s episode I actually very much enjoyed. Ok, there were moments which annoyed me and I guess there never will be a 100% enjoyable episode again with all the new characters around. But all in all it was so much better than a lot of episodes recently. Definitely MUCH better than last week.

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Grey’s Anatomy 5.22 – “What a Difference a Day Makes”

I read a few tweets before I watched the show this morning and most of these fans on twitter were rather disappointed with this – 100th – episode. So I thought I might be disappointed too, but I wasn’t. I absolutely loved it. Maybe I wasn’t disappointed because I didn’t really expect anything spectacular, 100th episode or not. Besides all the talking and promos and hype about it in advance, there also were a lot of spoilers about what would (possibly) happen in this episode. And I’m a spoiler whore *g*, I just can’t stay away from them, so I had a pretty solid idea what would happen. And it did and I loved it.

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A few first thoughts on Grey’s

I’m in a hurry and won’t be able to be online for more than a few minutes until late Saturday or maybe even Sunday morning. I’ve got a work an extra shift this afternoon and then there’s “The Killers” concert tonight (YAY!) and I have to work all day tomorrow, which means I won’t get much sleep tonight either, because of the concert and having to get up early tomorrow.
At least I managed to watch Grey’s this morning, although there were some technical difficulties. Like a notworking powerstrip and such. Argh! I read a few episode comments before I watched it and I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it that much. But I did. Even though Derek was trying so hard to stop me from loving him :-)

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