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Feeling Old and Rusty…

Of course my vacation didn’t start as relaxing as I had planned it. At least not in every regard. This week I’m on snow duty, which means I have to get up early and clear the sidewalk in front of the house. Of course I could just go to bed early so that I get enough sleep, but where is the fun in a vacation if you go to bed early ;-)? I went back to bed yesterday and this morning but I never fell asleep again so that didn’t really help. I’m so so tired already and it’s just 4 PM.

Besides the lack of sleep I have som problems with my left shoulder. At first I thought I somehow had cricked it in my sleep on the weekend, but the pain and the resulting restricted movabilty of the shoulder didn’t get any better. I went to see my GP this morning i was afraid it might be an inflamation of some sort, similar to the hip problems I had in May. My GP doesn’t think it is, but that it’s “only” (hahaha) an irriation, but not yet inflamation of the tendon of the biceps muscle. The tendon is attached at the back of the shoulder and that’s where the pain occurs. Treatment? Ibuprofen, heat and rest. I’ll do my best. I even just build my own sling to put the arm in, so that I don’t automatically use this arm for everything. I’m lefthanded so I naturally tend to do things with the left hand and thus move the left arm and shoulder into all directions and it really sucks, when the most common movement results in a soaring pain at the back of the shoulder.

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My Winter Wonderland

I’m most probably in the minority with saying this, but… I don’t mind the amount of snow we are getting this year. At least not yet *g*. But honestly, I don’t feel overly troubled by it. I guess, most probably because I’m used to not having to use a car, as I don’t own one. I cover most of my distances on foot or by train, sometimes by bus, but that not necessarily. I definitely get through my days and weeks without a car. Train services in the metro region haven’t been too messed up in the last few days, at least not on the lines I use.
The second reason, why the snow doesn’t bother me that much: I’m off work till January 4th. I haven’t planned a trip to anywhere during this time, I’m staying home and if the snow keeps up I’ll also be staying in and I don’t mind. I’ve got enough books and DVDs to keep me busy. Having two relaxing weeks was the plan in the first place. As long as electricity and the internet are working I’ll be fine :-)

On Friday I wrote down all the various things I want to take care of during my vacation, but I haven’t really started working on any item of that list. I might have to start with making a list with the things I want to get done tomorrow. Baby steps *g*
I started catching up with my TV shows, which I neglected over the last few weeks. I watched episode 8 of “Life Unexpected” and I’m not very much inclined to continue watching. I thought Kate was annoying for a long time now and now Lux is really pissing me off as well. She is such a selfish little bitch. Well, that was my thought at the end of the episode at least. Baze and Emma? Mmmh, not so sure what to think of this couple yet. I haven’t really gotten a big fan of Emma so far. I don’t mind her, but… well, I’ll put this show on the backburner for now.

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Visting the Walkers

I finally managed to watch the last two episodes of Brothers & Sisters and I had such a great time. I just love that family with all their craziness and their fights and problems and secrets but also with all their support for each other and all their love and just their way of being a family. Continue reading