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Hello From Beautiful Nova Scotia

The first week of our vacation is already over, so it’s about time I’ll check in here. I’ve been online almost every evening for a few minutes, but mostly just to read my mails, check the weather forecasts and some details for next day’s trip, read some blogs and such.

We’re having such an amazing time in “the new world”. I have to admit, I was pretty much underwhelmed by Montreal. Maybe it was the jetlag and the nasty weather (rain and max 15°C, one of my first souvenirs was a knitted hat!), but I had expected something more like Toronto. Montreal didn’t feel like a big city to us. Maybe we were just not hanging out in the right places? The Centre Bell, the hockey arena of the Montreal Canadiens was impressive though. We didn’t manage to do a tour of the building, but we did visit their hockey hall of fame, spend some time in the amazing fanshop and most of all outside on the plaza. Such a cool place for a hockey fan.

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Donna Moss, Citizien of Canada :-)

I love the Canadian National Anthem. And I love Canada. For that reason I was really touched at the end of the West Wing episode 3.16. It was such a great idea to have “Oh Canada” played during Abbey’s birthday party at the White House to honour and cheer up Donna, who had just learned that she actually is Canadian and not a US citizien [don’t ask, but it was a funny story and of course Josh fixed it in the end]. But it was so weird, because it’s the home of the US president after all. During festivities like this the band usually only plays “Star-Spangeled Banner” and “Hail To The Chief” :-)

I just love this series. All the characters. The writing. The wonderful dialogues and the very very entertaining and informative storylines. Love love love this series.

Miscellaneous, 2009/01/04

It looks like the Cologne Sharks won’t even make it to the pre-playoffs (10th in the standing). Theoretically there still is a chance, but it’s highly unlikely. Right now I don’t even care that much, which is strange. I guess I’m just so frustrated about how the season went so far. Frustrated and annoyed by the lack of fight and motivation and skill and a lot of other things in this team. I’m just… very very frustrated. They lost in Mannheim on Friday and against Krefeld at home today. In today’s game they once again gave away a 2:0 lead and once again lost in OT and got nothing more than one point out of this weekend’s two games.

They don’t have that many games at home until the season ends at the beginning of March. So I guess my last hockey game in Cologne will already be on the 16th January, because I’ve got to work on both the last game in January and the last game on home ice at the end of February. But I’m honestly not upset about that, I’m almost glad this awful and disappointing season will be over soon.

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

More fun than watching or listenting to the Cologne games on TV/Radio is to watch the clips of World Jr hockey at the moment. I know we couldn’t afford Jaruslav Janus as a goalie, but maybe he could teach our goalie Frank Doyle a few tricks? Janus had some great saves in this quarter-final against the USA, which Slovakia won, by the way. Here is a 2min summary clip.

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Surprise present from Bro3

When I talked with Bro3 on the phone this morning he said “I’ve got a present for you”. I hate it, when people say that and don’t tell me right away what kind of present that is. Yes, I know it would ruin the surprise and I don’t really hate it, but it makes me edgy anyway. Especially as my brothers and I usually don’t give each other presents. For christmas or birthdays or any other ocassion. Which probably sounds like we’re estranged or something, but we’re not. We actually spend quite some time with each other or in each others presence at my mom’s home, where Bro3 is still living and Bro2 is building his house right next door. We are just not that close on an emotional level. If I had serious problems of any kind I most probably wouldn’t talk to one of my brothers about it. It probably sounds like we’re an emotional retarded family :-), but actually we’re doing just fine. The way we managed to get through the hard times a year ago was proof of that. To me at least and anyway I didn’t want to turn this post into some sort of family therapy thing. Maybe I should scrap that whole paragraph?

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I am SOOOO stupid! I Lost My Canada Scarf!

I never missed the unlimited internet access at work more than today. I had to get this off my chest and put it down on paper (well in bits and bytes) but knew I couldn’t post it until I got home now. So I just wrote it down anyway and mailed it home and am posting it now, before I grab a bite to eat and catch up on all comments, blogs and stuff I missed during the day.

I am so so so soooooooooooooo stupid. If it were anatomically possible to kick my own ass I would do it. Multiple times.

It was windy and chilly when I left home this morning  and I knew I had to wait on the train platform for a while, so I wore my scarf. My wonderful, awesome Team Canada scarf. I took it off on the train and put it on the seat next to me, because the heating was on and I felt so warm. When I got off  the train at the final stop in Essen I obviously forgot to take the scarf with me. ARGH! I only realized it when I left the bakery in the station and at once I went back to the platform. The train stays at the platform for a couple of minutes before it returns back to its starting point.

I asked the train driver if a scarf had been found, but as far as he know, there wasn’t. And then I hurried through the train especially the section I had sat in and asked the new passengers, but none had seen the scarf. I still have the tiny hope that it might just have fallen down and thus wasn’t noticed by them or me at that moment. No scarf was handed in at the main station’s lost and found either. I already called the rail company to report the loss and I hope, that the scarf still might be found (and returned) by someone. Someone who might realize that it’s not an ordinary scarf, but a scarf which means something to its owner.

I soooo could kick my ass right now!. If anyone want to come over and do it, feel free to do so. With my tendancy to forget/lose stuff, I think it’s good that I don’t have any pets or even kids. I’d already be in jail convicted for negligence. And the worst part is that I can’t really blame anyone except myself. ARGH!

It’s Difficult To Not Be Complaining…

This morning I was sure that today’s post could only be a really whiny one. And I’m still in mostly a whiny mood, but I should start with some good news after all: The meds already show some effect. My cheek doesn’t feel that numb and I think my mouth isn’t that crooked anymore. I’m rather confident that all the symptoms will resolve over the next couple of days/weeks.
Good News #2: When I got home from the IVs this afternoon I found an Amazon US delivery, which I hadn’t expected so soon. Yay! I ordered the CDs last week and even though I choose a faster (and more expensive) shipping, I didn’t expected it before the beginning of November. Thanks to the $/EUR exchange rate in our favour I got two new CDs including shipping for 24,50 EUR. Awesome. And I can finally listen to the new Ingrid Michaelson album “Be OK” and I really like it. I have to check out the second CD later as well, “Down To Earth” from Jem.
And some more good news: This morning the temperature was around 7 °C, which is not necessarily good news, I know. But that made me get one of my favourite Canada souvenirs out of the closet to finally wear it. Ok, I also wore it to cheer me up. Continue reading

Blog negligence

I’m afraid my blog suffers from a bout of depression. It feels neglected and rightfully so. The weird thing is, that I’ve got things I want to write about like I always did. Probably not the most significant topics, as I didn’t find a cure for a fatal disease or found away to secure world peace and feed the world. Or something like that. Which didn’t bother me before and I don’t mean my inability to find a way to feed the world, although the problem is bothersome, but not necessarily solely mine to solve. I still get the “you have to blog about this” moments during the day, but then I never get around to do so, which is only partly due to lack of time. I would have had the time, I just couldn’t bring myself to write about all the insignifcant stuff like DVDs and TV shows and music. Although I actually want to. Does that make any sense? Probably not. And writing about an idea I had days ago is weird as well, because I sometimes don’t even remember what brought on the idea in the first place. My mind is a strange place at the moment…

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