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Careless in Red (Lynley Series) – (Elizabeth George, 2008)

Lynley and Havers are finally back and I just realized how much I missed them. Right now I’m tempted to start reading the whole series from the start once more, but the pack of unread books on my shelf should prevent that. I might do it one day though. During a sabbatical or something. :-)

With this novel Elizabeth George once more proved why she is one of my all-time-favorites. Its a perfect combination of a compelling crime investigation and a moving tale about Thomas Lynley trying to cope with the tragedy of his life. There were moments when it was rather painful to read, because his pain and despair was so real to me, and I never thought that he could ever recover from that. But maybe the people he met in Casvelyn and the events he witnessed might help him to recover. Slowly, but surely. Continue reading

The game’s afoot…

Oh my, I guess this blog might turn into a running comentary of me reading “Careless in Red” :-) I just have to share my delight and twitter is just not enough for that.

She said, “Hey. Someone there? I can’t hear you. C’n you hear me?”
He said, “Yes, I can hear you, Barbara. The game’s afoot. Can you help me out?”

Yes. Yes. Yes! Of course she will. Damn, the story switchs to some other characters and the actual crime investigation.

And yes, I’m at work, but I had to get off the train at the main station in the middle of reading how Lynley is pondering on calling the Yard or not. Then I had to walk to my office, immediately answer a phone call and do the dishes (glasses, cups) from last nights meeting. Only then I could have my usual coffee and while enjoying it I finished reading the last few sentence of that paragraph. But now I’m back to work…

Lynley & Havers are back…

Every workday I spend about two hours in a train, commuting in and out of the Ruhr metropolitan area. I always have something to read in my bag. Newspaper, magazines, the latest chapter of a Grey’s fanfic or a book I’m currently reading. Although I should not bag any book, but rather part of my study material, because I really have to get back into some routine with the literature of my postgraduate studies. But instead for the last few days I read a great non-fictional book from Thilo Bode, the founder of foodwatch, )german consumer-rights NGO). It’s a perfect book to read while commuting, because of the short chapters and because you can easily stop reading, when you have to get off the train, because you’re not drawn into a compelling plot and need to know what happens next. I was determined to limit reading the novels that might really pull me in and let me forget about everything else, to my time at home. When I have some spare time and am done with all the tasks I had to do for the day.

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