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Music Was My First Love…

My last.fm profile might be confusing for some folks, because there are very different artist on top of the list. Yes, I actually do like this variety of music. Best proof for that, were the two very different concerts last week.

I had a great time at the Ingrid Michaelson concert in Cologne on Tuesday. There are so many “artists” around, that need a large band and a huge production on the stage (with dancers and lights) to cover up the fact that the sound of their music is very much artificially manufactured in the studio with the help of programming and computers and such. Just like last year Ingrid was only accompanied by a female background singer, who also played the guitar on a few songs. Ingrid herself played keyboards and her ukulele and that was it. And it was awesome. Can you imagine any of the Idol or Superstars casting show winners to enter a stage with just her/his own voice and one simple instrument? Of course that would imply that these guys actually can play an instrument.

Ingrid can not only sing and play instruments, she’s also a very funny person on stage. Kind of crazy sometimes, but very funny. She definitely enjoyed being up on the stage and it’s always a plus during a concert to see that the artist actually enjoys what she/he is doing. One of the highlights was “The Chain” in which she asked for a third female singer from the audience, because the song is a round [“Kanon” in German] and needs three singers. She told that in the US usually there a dozens of volunteers, but it would be important that you really CAN sing, so noone should volunteer if she didn’t feel capable. Of course no girl volunteered after that remark ;-) There was a guy though who did and he got up on the stage and he was awesome! I think neither the audience or Ingrid herself expected him to be that good, so it definitely was a highlight of the show
Greg Laswell was the opening artist (just with guitar and keyboards as well). I knew a few of his songs from last.fm and Grey’s Anatomy and I enjoyed his performance very much as well. Just like Ingrid he is a great singer and musician and doesn’t need more than one instrument and his voice to capture an audience. And he was funny too. I’m still grinning, when I remember his tiny story about the spinning toilet seats at the restrooms along the German highways.

Thursday night meant a different venue and different music, but equally enjoyable concert. Hai_di and I saw Sunrise Avenue in Dortmund and had a great time. I have to admit that I’m really bad when it comes to Sunrise Avenue lyrics (except for “Fairytale Gone Bad” and the chorus of most of the other songs). It was fun to sing along and dance along anyway. They let the audience sing quite a lot actually. They had some funny stories to tell and stuff to act out as well, which was very very entertaining. I will definitely go and see them again on a new tour some time in the future.

Ramblings – Part 3

But now on to the happy stuff. I wrote most of this post yesterday, so this should be quick. All the frustrating things this week once again made me realize that I spent too much time dwelling on all the “bad” stuff and that I have a hard time to let it go and move on. I’m determined to try harder though and to pay more attention to the good and happy stuff. And thus I will follow Steffi’s example with a “happy moments diary”. I won’t post these moments on a daily basis, but rather compile a post at the end of a week. I did something similar a few years back, with “Good & Bad” lists, but now I want to focus on the good and I will definitely try and note at least one happy moment every day. Today that would be

The three very nice and helpful shop assistant/waitress/barista I met in various locations this afternoon.

There were actually a lot of happy moments during the last few days, even if the “Rambling – Part 2” post might have left a different impression. I was just too busy to write about all the events properly before now. And even this will just be a short compilation of the great moments I experienced since last week. Last Wednesday I saw the new StarTrek movie with some friends and I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure I would, because I don’t know much about the original series (even though I was diehard fan of StarTrek TNG in the 90ies) but I loved this movie. It was typical StarTrek stuff, but also extremly funny. And I got kind of sentimental to see the Enterprise and the bridge and was tempted to get hold of some TNG DVDs to watch some of it.

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The Incredible Ingrid in Concert…

Maybe I should ask Santa for a time-turner *wonders* Until he will give one to me for christmas I should go on and use the few idle minutes I have left of this afternoon to write about the Ingrid Michaelson concert. I am sooooo happy I found out about that on time, even though I failed to notice the show announcement on Ingrid’s myspace site. But on twitter she talked about being in Germany and I checked her site again and only an hour later I had bought the ticket.
The concert took place in “Gebäude 9”, a really really small club in Cologne (@oceans77: direkt an der Messe, also falsche Rheinseite *g*), which I never have heard of before. But of course Bro2 knew it and has been there before. He has been to all of the regions’ tiny clubs for some kind of obscure concert, I’d guess.
There were about 150 – 200 people at the concert, probably closer to 150 than to 200, so it was small and intimate, which was really nice. Ingrid isn’t know in Germany at all yet, and from the conversations I listened to before the show started, I gathered that most of them knew her music via myspace, Grey’s Anatomy or her support on the Jason Mraz tour earlier this year. There were a lot of students and listen to all this talk about classes and lectures and finding roommates  made me feel sooo old. Continue reading

Maybe, Maybe Not…

I might be all “talked out” after a weekend with some friends. Or I might just be too tired after a busy week and weekend. Actually all of November was busy. Being busy kept my mind of things, which I should think about. And it also put new things in my head to think about, so I might spend all of December thinking, maybe write somethings down offline, because I don’t share everything with the world, even if it sometimes looks like it :-), and basically maybe shut down a bit. Or I might not and just post a lot of random things like I used to :-) At the moment I have no idea….

So, the weekend was busy. I spent it with some friends in Cologne. We talked a lot and didn’t sleep enough, which might be the reason why I’m in such a weird mood tonight. Mentioning some plan for the weekend in Friday’s post – even if it was encrypted – might have jinxed the plan. Well, or maybe it didn’t. I actually have pretty good idea who to “blame” :-) And the weekend was sort of salutary as well…

On Friday Night Hai_di and I went to a pre-record-release-concert of a new German rockband and we had such a great time. The band is called “5vor12”, they sing in German, write great music and are really really nice guys. That night was a lot of fun, listen to rock music and to see the guys on stage have a lot of fun themselves. Twice during the show they called a friend who was at the football match Berlin – Cologne, put him on speaker and asked for the latest results. And of course the crowd started to cheer for the football team as well. Sven, the band’s lead singer once asked the crowd to start singing something.. anything. Which lead to him and us singing “Biene Maja” *g* We had so much fun…

Hai_di got to know them a bit on myspace and thus we had the chance to talk to some of them after the show and … well, they are really really nice guys. To any German readers: If you like Revolverheld, you are most probably going to like 5vor12 as well. Visit their site, listen to a few songs and buy the CD, which will be released on 5th December. It was on sale at the concert as well and of course I already bought it. I just knew a few songs (from their myspace site) but the rest of the album is great too. I’m pretty sure that this hasn’t been my last 5vor12 concert. Here are a few photos (not the best quality) I took during the show: Continue reading

Killers in Cologne … YAY!

This has to be the week of insanely spontaneous decisions. Which might be the only thing keeping me sane in an stressful week. I hope I’ll find the time and ease to blog about some things tomorrow. Like the impossibility to even get a glimpse of all that London has to offer in mere three days. My plan for the London weekend seems awfully packed, and I’m not even planning on going into a museum or gallery or… well, there is too much to see and do in London, I can assure you.
Reason for this late-night jubilant post: Around 0.45 am I checked my feedreader for the last time, before I turn off the computer. One title immediately got my attention. It was on the feed from The Killers and said: The Killers to perform at Roncalliplatz in Germany on August 9th, 2008. OH.MY.GOD! As fast as my shaky hands let me use mouse and keyboard I checked the link to the ticket service, checked my calendar and mere 10 minutes later I had bought a ticket to see The Killers in Cologne in about seven weeks. *squeeeeeeeeeeeee*

How did I live without internet 10 years ago ?!?!? You had to find out about the concert, you had to find out where to get tickets and you had to go somewhere (=big metropolitan city, because there was no ticket shop in our small suburbian town) to buy the ticket. And now, just a few clicks and … I AM GOING TO SEE THE KILLERS IN CONCERT! “If somebody told me…” that just a few days ago. I’m almost jumping up and down right now, because it’s one of my concert dreams come true. Yay!