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Finally… A Few Vacation Pictures

I’ve been back from my short vacation since last Sunday and still haven’t posted some photos. Shame on me (and my procrastination habit). There are a lot of other things I was supposed to be doing but than Nathaniel and Elizabeth from “Into the Wilderness” kept me entertained so much that it was (and still is) hard to put the book down. I really should find some strategies to overcome my procrastination tendency.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded a bunch of pictures from my 4-day trip to the Lower Rhine Region and a link to the photoalbum will be found at the end of this post. I’d love to comment on a few (or a lot *g*) of those pictures and tell you a tiny bit more about the trip and that’s what this post is about.

I stayed in a tiny, but amazing B&B with wonderful hosts and an amazing breakfast every morning:

02 breakfast
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A Change of Scenery Can Do Wonders…

This post will not include pictures (yet), because I wrongly assumed that my new camera had the same USB recaptable than my phone and thus I didn’t bring the right connector/plug to transfer photos to my netbook. I might either update this post with photos in a few days or more likely write a follow up post with lots of pictures.

I had planned this short vacation because I was so sick of my everyday life. Tired of the daily hassle of work at the office and work for my local Greens. Tired of various other seemingly important issues I have to deal with. I had hoped that a mere change of scenery would help to leave all the stress and (more emotionally than physically) tiresome stuff behind. I admit that I somehow expected it to not work out this way and that I would still spend too much time thinking about non-vacation stuff.
So imagine my suprise and more important my delight when I realized that this vacation here obviously was/is just what I needed. All the issues and all the people that used to bother me to some degree seem so far away. Stored away somewhere in the far back of my mind. I just don’t think about any of it. At all. Except right now when I actually try to remember all the stuff I don’t think about at the moment, if that makes any sense.

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Project365: 358 – 365 (The End…)

These last batch of photos were taken with the phone, so they are not the best quality. But they’ll do, I think. According to my gallery at ipernity, there are only 364 photos. Mmmh… I could go back and look at the title of everyone and find where I skipped a consecutive number, but I’m too lazy to do that now. The heat, you know ;-)

It took me much more than 365 days to complete this project and I have to admit it felt more like a chore quite a few times during the last month. As much fun as it was in the beginning I run out of ideas after a while. At least I’ve learned that I’ll choose my photo (or any other kind of artistic) projects more carefully from now on. Maybe just one special photo each week? Anyway here are the last ones and I totally cheated with those, because I took them all on one day. Sue me ;-)

358 bikeride 01358: Getting the bike (and me) ready for the first tour
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Miscellaneous – July 11, 2010

I don’t want to complain about the weather. Not that I like the temperatures at the moment, far from it. But everyone is complaining about the weather this days, that’s nothing new. And I’m blessed with a apartement where the temperatures don’t rise about 25 °C, no matter how tropical it is outside. I just can’t open the windows during the day, but who would want to do that anyway these days ;-)

But seriously, this weather is messing with my brain. I feel even less motivated to post anything here. To even think of a topic to write about. Except the weather, but… see above. I’ve got a few half-written posts on my computer or at least in my brain. Sometimes I wonder if there really is a difference between these two ;-)

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

I was and still am planning to take the bike to visit the “Still-Leben A40” event of the RUHR2010 next weekend. If it’s as hot as it this weekend, I won’t go there after all, but I’m hoping it will only be moderately warm. For the sakes of everyone involved. On Sunday 18th July , the main motorway in our metropolitan area will be blocked for traffic for 6 hours and there will be “the longest banqueting table in the world”. A 60 km stretch of road will be lined with 20,000 tables to create a meeting place for different cultures, generations and nations. It sounds crazy and it actually is, but I want to see it anyway ;-) (More information in English on their website) The tables will be on northern lanes of the motorway, the soutern lanes are the ones for bikes and rollerskates and every non-motor- means of transportation. It’s won’t be allowed to take your bike with you on the trains, metro and busses that weekend, because there will be so many people using public transport. So I have to get to the motorway on bike in the first place, which is a 30 kilometre distance. I’m planning to cycle for another 20 or 30 km on the motorway, which will probably feel really weird (but that’s the whole point of it *g*) and leave the bike at my office building in Essen to take it back with me on Monday. I’m really curious how the event will turn out and what kind of groups will have organized what kind of celebratory event at their tables.

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Sunny, lazy and useless days (with benefits)

On Friday night I was too busy. [no spectacular or glamour partying, but… Ironing *g*]. On Saturday I was just plain lazy. Yesterday evening I was spent and I thought I can write a post about the weekend first thing Monday morning, when there is not much to do at work. Which wasn’t the case today, as I was rather busy. Thank god for that change.

I had a truly wonderful weekend, with only two small downsides. 1.) I didn’t work as much for my studies as I planned to do. 2.) I had to accept that I have to share “my” garden with my neighbours. When the most annoying neighbour of the world moved out from next door, I was so happy about the regained solitude of my patio and the garden. Which is not MY garden, because every tennant of our building is entitled to use the lawn. But after the annoying neighbour left nobody else did until now, when the new familiy from the 3rd floor discovered what great place it is for their kids to play and for themselves to barbeque and just be outdoors. They’re the only ones without a balcony, so I can totally understand their desire to use the common lawn. It’s just that it’s next to my apartement’s windows and more important next to my patio. So whenever I want to be outdoors, reading or studying or just relaxing, I listen to private converstations I don’t want to hear. I have kids running around playing football or anything at all. There goes my solitude. *sigh*
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