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Grey’s Anatomy 7.15 – “Golden Hour”

I had started writing this review last night, but then I stopped because I was too tired to keep typing. This morning I couldn’t find the file anymore *headdesk*. I have either deleted it accidently or overwritten it with another file or.. whatever. It was gone, which kind of is symptomatic for this week where so many things have gone wrong. But, the Grey’s episode itself didn’t go wrong, it was surprisingly entertaining to watch. At least I had a great time and I don’t think it’s because I might have lowered my standards :-). A lot of the episode felt like the “good old Grey’s” and it was wonderful to see that this is still possible. It most probably was the exception from the rule, when I think about what I already know will happen later this season… Baby Torres this and Baby Torres that. I might have to get back to this episode over and over again in the next few weeks to balance it :-)

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Grey’s Anatomy – 7.10 “Adrift and at Peace”

This episode was more or less what I expected it to be. I was looking forward to the fishing trip ever since I had read about it. I dreaded all the Teddy scenes after I had seen the sneaks and I knew I probably wouldn’t care a lot about the rest. Basically all three assumptions came true.

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Grey’s Anatomy 7.09 – “Slow Night, So Long”

When I watched this episode last morning I felt pretty much underwhelmed. Last night I watched the episode again (yes, I watch every episode at least twice, I’m still a Grey’s addict, what can I say?), I fastforwarded through quite a few scenes, which I usually don’t do, when I watch it the 2nd time. When I didn’t had to endure all the characters and storylines I didn’t like, this episode wasn’t that bad. I actually liked a few things very much and was rather indifferent to others and.. well, skipped some more parts completely.

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Grey’s Anatomy 7.08 – “Something’s Gotta Give”

I actually also liked this episode. Well, most of it. I guess I just learned to not dwell too much on the things I didn’t like or just don’t care about. I liked a few scenes a lot, so that probably helps to ignore some of the rest.
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Grey’s Anatomy 7.07 – “That’s Me Trying”

After last week’s boring and totally useless episode (IMHO) I didn’t expect too much for this week. But I actually liked it a lot. Right after it ended, I thought, that his might be my favourite episode in season 7 so far. Or maybe the episode two weeks ago was even better ;-)? I don’t know. But I felt entertained and moved by this week’s episode and there was just very little that put me off.

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Grey’s Anatomy 7.05 – “Almost Grown”

I admit I was very very surprised myself, but I honestly enjoyed this episode immensly. It was very well-balanced and for the most time very entertaining to watch. I didn’t even mind that the McBaby issue wasn’t addressed further in this new episode, because I know the show is not solely about Meredith and Derek (as much as I sometimes wish it would be *g*), but a whole cast of characters. And we had our MerDer moments, even if not necessarily in scenes together.

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Looooong post about Grey’s 7.01 – 7.03

When I started writing this post about the first few episodes of season 7 of Grey’s Anatomy, I didn’t expect it to turn into this incredibly looooooooooong post, which took me several days to write. But I just couldn’t help it.I usually write long posts about single episodes an these were three episodes after all :-) And I guess a lot of my thoughts are of a rather general nature regarding the show on the whole. If you’re not up to reading a long ramble and rant about this show, you might want to stop reading now. Or if you’re just interested in a detailed review of each episode you should check “Who wants to know”, where Lindsay wrote brilliant reviews of the first two episodes (and most probably will keep that up for all the episodes to follow). Look for posts titled “Highschool with scalpels”. Basically I agree with her on most of the stuff, which is always nice to know…

I watched the season premiere on my netbook during the flight to Montreal and we watched the 2nd and 3rd episode together in our hotel room. Last week’s episode with a snowy picture. No idea what was wrong with the ABC station in the Burlington area on Thursday because the other stations were fine. But watching Grey’s that night felt a lot like watching analog TV during a storm in the late 1980s. Anyway…
I actually liked these first three episodes ok. All in all I’d say there was 30% of “Yay!” and 40% of “Nice” and another 30% of “booooring” (aka annoying *g*). By now I had some time to think about my general reaction to this new season and I guess I just accepted the fact, that the good old times are over and it won’t get any better. We talked about it during the commercial breaks and after the episodes for a bit and we agreed that maybe they should have ended the show one or two years ago. Not specifically with the specific end of season 4 or 5, but wrap it up decently.

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