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My Entry For The Outlander 20th Anniversary Contest

If you have been following this blog for the last two years you will have noticed that I am a huge fan of the “Outlander” novel series, written by Diana Gabaldon. You only have to check the tags on the right side  column to find the various posts I wrote about it :)

“Outlander” was first published 20 years ago and there will be a super special 20th Anniversary Edition. Karen from the wonderful blog “Outlandish Observations” decided to have a contest in celebration of this occasion. The prize is a copy of the 20th Anniverary edition, signed by Diana Gabaldon herself. The contest rules require a short description of what “Outlander” means to you. Of course I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to once more share with the world, why “Outlander” is my favourite novel series. The following is my contest entry, keep your fingers crossed for me :-) Continue reading

Miscellaneous – December 2nd, 2010

I’m still planning to use my christmas bonus to buy a sofa. If there still is money left, once the store will finally be able to show me color samples for the covers and cushions.

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

While I was playing “Game On” I drunk a lot of tea to get all the necessary “water” points ;-) I kept that up after the game was over and probably because the outside temps make hot liquid essential. I bought not only various different teas and suppllies over the last few days, but as I was tired of my ordinary thermos, today I even bought a unique teapot, teapot-warmer and cups. I couldn’t help myself. I still hope there will be enough money left for the sofa at the end of the month.

101202 miro tea

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Miscellaneous – November 23, 2010

My internet kind of sucks at the moment. Or maybe it’s just the file download that is slowing it down and doesn’t allow me to use any kind of streaming, like youtube and such. I guess I have to be patient, which I have to admit I have a hard time with recently. Maybe it’s because there is so much going on. Or maybe, no, most probably it is, because people are so getting on my nerves recently. I’ve already started to ask myself if maybe the others aren’t the problem, but I just tend to overreact or misinterpret some behaviour or comments or any other kind of social interaction. Or maybe a lot of people just are a nuisance right now :-) I really try to not get riled up about some stuff, because it is such a waste of time and energy. But sometimes it’s hard to be “all Zen” about it.
Add all the things I have on my plate right now (work, local politics, grad school) and it’s a little wonder that I still feel like I’ve got a grip on it all. Well, more or less. Every once in a while my bad conscience is bothering me, because I am behind on some stuff and I tend to postpone doing it. Procrastination at it’s best. But I’ve got tomorrow off from work because I will have to accompany my mom to some pre-surgery exams and consults at the hospital. I’ve skipped out of a meeting I actually planned to attend tomorrow evening. There will be an additional conference call on Thursday night, so I really wanted to have at least tomorrow evening off. I’ve got Friday off work as well, so I should be able to get some of the things done.
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Day 5 – Done! (And Completely Done In)

After a packed and busy first week and second week during which I was sick, my lodgings definitely turned into a messy and filthy crapartment, like Lexie Grey would have called it. That didn’t stop me from spending over an hour in my (yes, momentarily slightly filthy) bathroom pampering me. Because I was so in need of that. My choices for tonight’s acitivities were either go to bed and try to get some sleep and feeling sorry for me, because I was feeling rather crappy all day. Or to pamper myself in the hopes to get my spirits up a bit and to make me believe that the worst of the side effects is over, that I will finally get some sleep and that I will wake up very refreshed and active in the morning. Being very awake and active in the morning of the day after the last IV isn’t uncommon for me and my crapartment could really use a active person tomorrow, because I really have to clean up that mess. Before the also common withdrawel symptoms will hit me in the late afternoon and I’ll take some ibuprofen, retreat to my comfy bed or loungechair, try not to move to much.

But at least the IVs seem to be working. The current symptoms have – if not completely, but to quite some degree – disappeared already. So at least I know why I’m letting my bloodstream be flooded with corticoidsteroids for 5 days and deal with all the side-effects. Last night was the worst so far and after not even 4 hours of very choppy “sleep” (closing my eyes, drifting off, waking up again, closing my eyes), my night was over. But as my body was so so exhausted it took ages to get up, take a shower, make some breakfast, walk to the station… A Zombie probably was more lively than me this morning and throughout most of my day. And the most annoying thing is, that even though I lay down I can’t fall asleep! At least I couldn’t during the day, but I hope it’s going to be better tonight.

I hate to sound so whiney at the moment… but at least I’ve got a good excuse, haven’t I? The one thing that’s really helping to lift my spirits is the Outlander audiobook. I’m so happy that I found that wonderful offer and finally figured out how perfect my iPod is for listening to audiobooks. The narrator Davina Porter, is doing such a marvelous job and it’s so wonderful to be back in the 18the century Highlands. I just hope that I won’t let this audiobook distract me from the things I really start to be doing next week. Studying, working on my termpaper and all. But I will definitely let it distract me for the rest of this week…

Day 3 – Miscellaneous

I got a little over 6 hours of sleep last night. At one stretch without waking up once. Yay me! I felt almost well rested this morning, but the exhaustion set back in when I got home in the afternoon. After the IV and some errands and grocery shopping (living single has it downsides when you’re sick) and stopping by my mom’s, I managed to make some work-related phone calls / mails, catching up with various blogs and such… All of a sudden it was evening already. *yawn*

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

Even though I would have the time to start reading a novel right now, I just can’t bring myself to pick up one of the many unread books on my shelves. I’m afraid my brain is to mushy to really be able to concentrate on a new fictional story. My fictional reading at the moment is restricted to a few wonderful post-season 6 Grey’s fanfictions. AriaAdagio, who wrote a masterpiece after the ferryboat arc all those years ago, is back with a new story – “All Along the Watchtower” – and it’s brilliant and she is such a talented writer and she knows Meredith and Derek much better than Shonda ever did and ever will ;-) Check it out if you’re into fanfiction and if you still like Grey’s Anatomy.

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Miscellaneous on October 14th, 2009

It seems like I’m finally – slowly, but steady – finding the right line of thought for some parts of the dreaded termpaper. I don’t know if it takes that long and only progresses in snail pace, because I didn’t work on it for so long. Or because I just didn’t quite understand what the questions I had to answer were all about. Probably the later, because that was the reason I willingly failed this assignment in May. Yes, I know I should have spend the summer working on it, but there was so much other stuff to do like ampaigning for three different elections. But now I’m back in the scholarly mood. Well, sort of. I’m getting there… :-)

It’s a good thing I’m not swamped with work assignment at the moment as well, which means I can use some of my time at work for termpaper related research and stuff. I probably should spend much more of my spare time working on it as well, but other things keep distracting me. But I’m rather confident I’ll be able to hand in a decent termpaper this time. Not much earlier than on the last possible date, but still…

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Trying to deal with Jamie Fraser withdrawal

“I feel… empty”

I couldn’t help myself to start this post with this Grey’s Anatomy quote from early season 2 :-) I’m a nerd that way, that I perfectly remember some dialogues, which probably has something to do with watching the episodes or favourite moments of it multiple times. But this line just came to my mind, when I thought how to write about the strange feeling I woke up to this morning. And no, it has nothing to do with being sick and throwing up *g*. Just with having said goodbye to some very lovely people, who I spent most of my spare time with during the last few days. Yes, I’ve finished reading “An Echo in the Bone” late last night, very late last night. Early this morning to be exact. I just couldn’t put it down and go to sleep not knowing what’s going to happen to the Frasers. And the MacKenzies. And of course Lord John and William Ransom. And now I know, or at least I know parts of it, because of course there were some cliffhangers and in fact I don’t know anything at all really. Which sucks a little. But I guess that’s the price you have to pay when you let yourself get sucked into this fictional world and get so so attached to all these wonderful characters.

This 7th novel of the Outlander series was just published last week so I’ll try to now give anything away and to not spoil anyone’s pleasure of reading it. Because it has been a tremendous pleasure. I know I’ve said it before, when I have spent almost two months this summer reading the first six novels in a row. But I really have to express my deepest thanks to Diana Gabaldon for creating these characters and to make them so loveable, that I couldn’t help but fall in love with them and care about their fate. Gabaldon has a wonderful way with words and she made these broad range of various characters with their different ways of living and their sense of honor and morality come alive, which is really fascinating.

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