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Look at that… a “Look Up” post

I was tempted to just write a very short “too tired / busy” post tonight, but that would be a total cop-out post. Not that this one will be that much better :-) But at least it’s some kind of “look up” post. I have to admit I browsed my photo collection for a suitable photo and I found one from my vacation in Scotland last year.

In the chapel for the Knights of the Thistle Order in St. Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, there is quite a lot of beautiful crafted architecture, sculptures and art to see, when you look up. Especially the various so so typical scottish angels… they’re playing bagpipes :-) Continue reading

Last photos from Edinburgh

This is going to be my last round of Scotland pictures. I have no idea how to fill my blog with content after that :-) At the moment I just don’t have anything interesting to write about or at least it feels that way. Anyway, here are a few more Edinburgh photos.


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Edinburgh – Castle & Parliament

This is the last but one round of photos from Scotland. I’ve been back home for almost three weeks now… time surely flies. Anyway here are a few pix from Edinburgh Castle, which is definitely worth a visit. If you like roaming around medieaval castles, that is..

Inside Edinburgh Castle

Inside Edinburgh Castle

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Day 5: Skye to Edinburgh

The last day of the Highlands Tour was rather uneventful. We left Skye and did another photo stop (well two stops) at Eilean Donan Castle

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

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Quick Hello from Edinburgh

Yesterday the european heatwave reached Scotland at last. On my first day in Edinburgh it was 30 C and I was exploring the city on foot. Sweating and getting sunburnt! In Scotland! Who would have thought… And I DID use sunscreen, just apparently forgot some parts of my neck when I applied it again after lunch.
But enough complaining about the weather, because it has been great so far. Except for a bit of rain on the first morning of the Highland tour we had the perfect weather. 22 – 24 C, sunny, a few clouds now and then and lots of wind at the coast. I absolutely loved the Highlands. Loved, loved LOVED it. There was so many different landscapes to see and they all were magnificent.
I wasn’t aware that we spent so much time on the road (stupid me, I should have realized it before *g*) but I didn’t really minded it that much. I was just surprised, that’s all. I was the only person travelling on my own in the travel group, the rest were couples or groups of friends or family, but that was ok. More about the trip when I’m back home, because right now I’m unable to put it all into just a few words. And my internet time doesn’t allow for more than a few words :-)

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