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Grey’s Anatomy 7.18 – “Song Beneath The Song”

This might be the first review which I wrote without having watched the episode for a 2nd time. There is no way I’m going to watch this one on the whole for a 2nd time. Ever. I’m so glad that this “music event“ went finally on the air and hopefully the hype Shonda and ABC created about it will slow down. Slow down fast, please. Because this episode? Was the epic failure I expected it to be. Maybe if I had managed to keep an open mind about it, I wouldn’t have disliked it to that extent. But like I had already written yesterday: I was long past the stage of “open-minded” about this episode.

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Grey’s Anatomy 7.17 – “This Is How We Do It”

I wish I could just get over my addiction to this show already. To just quit it. Cold turkey or something. Is there some “GAA” group out there somewhere? Because I obviously haven’t reached that stage yet and so I will continue to watch  “Grey’s Anatomy” while having breakfast on my day off. It used to be my Free Friday Fun activity, but it’s not that much fun anymore. *sigh*

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Grey’s Anatomy 7.15 – “Golden Hour”

I had started writing this review last night, but then I stopped because I was too tired to keep typing. This morning I couldn’t find the file anymore *headdesk*. I have either deleted it accidently or overwritten it with another file or.. whatever. It was gone, which kind of is symptomatic for this week where so many things have gone wrong. But, the Grey’s episode itself didn’t go wrong, it was surprisingly entertaining to watch. At least I had a great time and I don’t think it’s because I might have lowered my standards :-). A lot of the episode felt like the “good old Grey’s” and it was wonderful to see that this is still possible. It most probably was the exception from the rule, when I think about what I already know will happen later this season… Baby Torres this and Baby Torres that. I might have to get back to this episode over and over again in the next few weeks to balance it :-)

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Grey’s Anatomy 7.14 – “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”

Writing this review is going to be easy. If you want to know in detail what I thought of this episode in general just read some of the last few reviews in my „Addicted to Grey’s” category. This newest episode was basically the same kind of meh.

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Grey’s Anatomy 7.13 – “Don’t Deceive Me”

Maybe I should stop watching complete Grey’s episodes in the future and just watch the MerDer clips on youtube later. It would save me a lot of time and I wouldn’t have to suffer through storylines I just not care about. But I’d also have a lot less to write about in this category of my blog and I think I’d miss that. And I guess I’m too sentimental to stop watching or to just watch the MerDer tidbits in the future. Watching it on Fridays and writing about it became such a habit :-)
At least I’m not as invested emotionally in this show as I was in the early seasons. I’m disappointed about what the show has turned into, but I’m not upset to such a degree, that I will spend my time and energy bitching about it or getting worked up and in the end still be frustrated. Because no matter how mad some or a lot of fans might be, Shonda will still do what she wants to do and there is nothing we can do about it. Except to just stop watching the show and I’m just not ready to do that yet. I’m disappointed though and I’ll spend my time and energy voicing my disappointment. Because if I don’t, this disappointment might turn into rage and that would be a waste of energy :-)

It wasn’t all bad in this episode. In my first reaction on twitter this morning I said “New ep. of “Torres’ Anatomy” had a crap/ok/yay ratio of 70/20/10. Starting to wonder if the 10% are worth continuing to watch whole episodes.” So I’ll start with these 10%.

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Grey’s Anatomy 7.12 – “Start Me Up”

After spending the morning at the ER for my 2nd IV of the recent corticoidsteoroids cycle, finishing Stephen Fry’s “Moab Is My Washpot” and doing some laundry I finally found the time to write my Grey’s review. [I’m doing ok with the meds by the way, got six hours of sleep last night, in intervals, but still and didn’t feel too agitated the rest of the day (yet). If it stays this way I’ll be happy].

When I watched the episode last morning I thought it really sucked. I quickly fast forwarded through it last night and found a few bits I liked, but my opinion all in all didn’t change much. But maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood for Grey’s? I don’t know…

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Grey’s Anatomy 7.11 – “Disarm”

Grey’s is back after the christmas break. As a long-time Grey’s fan maybe I should have felt more excited about it, but even though I watched the new episode first thing in the morning, that wasn’t because I desperately needed to see it, but because I was up and couldn’t go back to sleep and had a doctor’s appointment at 8.30 am anyway. So… the episode wasn’t bad, which these days seems to be enough for me. Who needs brilliant, intense, witty and touching episodes anymore? Ok, I should stop being bitter about Grey’s in 2010/2011 not being the show I fell in love with all those years ago. The episode really was ok: I did love a few things a lot, and liked some things and didn’t care about the rest of it.

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