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Thoughtful Tuesday: Being a Taxi-Driver

Each Tuesday, I’m going to share something I am either:
a) thankful for, b) something I witnessed that was an act of kindness, or
c) something I did to “pay it forward”
(via JJ)

Whenever I need a car, one of my brothers always lets me take his, even though I have caused one or two (or more) scratch or dent in their cars :-) We’ve been each others chauffeur on so many occassions in the last 15 years. I would never refuse to pick them up or take them somewhere and neither would they. And none of us takes adavantage of the other in this regard.

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Thoughtful Tuesday: My Family

I’m following JJ’s example and starting the Thoughtful Tuesday:

Each Tuesday, I’m going to share something I am either:
a) thankful for, b) something I witnessed that was an act of kindness, or c) something I did to “pay it forward”

This tuesday: My family.

My three brothers and I are not as close-knit as other siblings might be. My mom and I definitely had our share of fights and problems with each other while I was growing up. And we don’t have this close and special mother & daughter relationship, other mothers & daughters have. I don’t miss that though. Maybe because I never experienced it. I’m not sure I really would want that “my mother is my best friend” relationship anyway :-)

All this aside, today I’m thankful for the family I have. For having a family in the first place. A group of people I can count on to just be there, whatever happens. To lend me a hand, when I need it, without me having to beg them for help. Like when it comes to moving all my furniture and boxes from this flat to the new one in October and to help with painting the walls in the new flat and all that stuff. I’m thankful for my mom still being around despite all the really scary health problems she went through three years ago.
Today I learned that an acquaintance / distant neighbour of our family passed away a few days ago. He had some rare kind of blood cancer (I’m not even sure if it really was cancer. It was something serious), but he had lived with that for almost 10 years. He was a few years younger than my mom. His daughter and I were in the same class in elementary school, so I’ve known him – even if not closely – for almost 30 years. For most of my life. It’s sad.

So, yes, today I’m really thankful for my family.

“The C-Word” by Lisa Lynch

Post #01 of NaBloPoMo in May 2010. This month’s theme is: Look Up

My twitter followers were probably very soon fed up with my whinging about the delay with which play.com delivered “The C-Word” to me. Or with tweets about how much I was looking forward to reading this book, written by the wonderful Lisa Lynch (aka @AlrightTit). Anyway, the book finally arrived on Tuesday and I read it throughout the following couple of days, whenever I had the time. I’ve been following Lisa’s blog since last summer, shortly after Stephen Fry twittered about it and even though I read a few earlier posts, I had just a vague idea of what Lisa and her family went through.
While I was reading the complete story now in “The C-Word” I was crying and laughing and was crying some more. Because Lisa gives a very very honest report of what having grade-three breast cancer means. How horrible, horrible chemotherapy makes you feel and how scary it actually all is. The extraordinary thing is, that this story still makes you laugh or smile a lot as well, because Lisa obviously is that kind of person who laughs and smiles a lot. Even through all this bullshit. She is funny and brilliant and it just shows in the way she is writing about her experiences. It’s hard to explain for me, which shows why I’m not a professional writer like her ;-)

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Tales From My Life…

I had an insanely busy week at work. I guess that happens when your colleague is out of the office for most of the week and lots of assignments turn up. There alsow as a lot to do in my 2nd job, which led to an packed Friday afternoon. There also was a lot of local politics stuff to take care of and before I knew it is Saturday again and I haven’t manage to write another blog post so far. To be honest there isn’t really so much newsworthy stuff to report, because of all the things I mentioned in the first few sentences.
I don’t know how much of this post I’ll manage to write tonight, because I’m following Nom24, the 24 hour live blogging of German TV on nomnomnom and it’s so much fun. But very very distracting. Anyway. Besides work and stuff I’ve also been busy with attending some nice events or doing nice stuff, so that might have added to the stress I had during the last 10 days.

I think I didn’t mention that hai_di and I’ve been to the Sunrise Avenue Unplugged concert last Friday. Fantastic show, because Samu has such a great voice and Osmo had great ideas for unplugged arrangments and it was really so much fun to watch. And awesome to listen to. Yesterday we went so see Livingston in concert. At the same venue where we’ve seen them for the first time 2 years ago. They were supporting Revolverheld and they did such a great show. We knew we had to keep uptodate with what they were up to and thanks to myspace we managed to. We’ve seen them in concert a few more times since then but it was just great to be back at to where it all started :-) And of course the concert was awesome. As usual.

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Oh, What A Day (Or To Be More Precise… What A Week)

I can’t remember having felt so drained at the end of my work week before. The MS attack last week and the sideffects of the corticoidsteroids definitely took their toll even this week. There were also quite a few tiny annoying things, health- and other wise, which really put me in a crappy mood as well. Sore cuticles. Torn fingernails. Supermarkets without the groceries I’m looking for. Delayed trains and a lot more.

Of course there also was the Olympic hockey tournament, which interruptet my sleep most of the nights as well. Seeing Canada defeat Russia last night was such an incredible experience. I saw the highlights again during the Olympic news this afternoon and I got goosebumps all over again. It was so awesome to witness this Team Canada on their way to the semin-finals. And yes, Russia couldn’t keep up with the expectations and didn’t play as well as they could have. But even their worst was amazing to watch for someone like me, who is used to the German Hockey league.
Talking about German Hockey: My team – the Cologne Sharks – are in serious, serious financial trouble. Ouch! It has been problematic for at least two seasons now, but it never got really bad or at least that’s what the public has been told. But it IS really bad right now and if they don’t manage to aquire some additional financial support, they will have to file for bancrupcy. I honestly still can’t quite believe that yet.

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I’m Feeling Really Lucky Today…

Today is the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”. Various female activists from woman rights groups, politics, help centers and the police campaigned today at our town’s market place to raise money for our county’s women’s shelter and to raise awareness for the problem of domestic abuse and violence. I had the day off, so I joined them to help out and to show my support for the cause, because it is such an important one. The state governement cut back the funding for women’s shelters years ago, the city municipalities are often reluctant to raise their share of the funding, most of the employees live with one-year-contracts, because it’s not clear if there is money to pay them in the next year… the whole situation is just rather frustrating.

While I was out there this morning I thought about how lucky I am to never have been the victim of domestic or any other kind of violence. I can’t imagine to ever stay in an relationship that’s turned out to be an abusive one. To let that happen I’d have to be totally emotionally dependent on that guy and I can’t really see that (being totally emotionally dependent) happening to me. What makes me lucky though, is, that I was raised to have enough self-respect and a sense of self-worth to know that I don’t have to endure anything like that. That I deserve better than being beaten up and abused.
But most of all I’m lucky, because I have family and friends I could turn to. A safe place I could flee to. Brothers who would protect me. We might not be as close as other siblings, but I’m sure that if I’d call anyone of my brothers and and tell him my boyfriend had beaten the crap out of me, my brothers wouldn’t hesitate to come and get me out of there immediately and bring me back to my Mom’s.
But how many women lack that kind of safety net, because their parents or siblings just don’t care or they don’t have a family anymore or they live too far away. Who weren’t raised to be indepentent and self-reliant women. Who don’t know where to ask for help, especially in a society which turns to be more and more egoistic and indivdual and where people tend to care more about themselves and not about others?

So, yes, I’m lucky and (not just in the spirit of the Thanksgiving Holiday) I’m really grateful for that today….

All is well so far…

My mom is doing fine again. Tests have shown that it’s not a cardiac problem (like arrhythmias or blocked arteries again), but that her blood pressure sometimes is too high and sometimes too low and that it either spikes or drops without much warning or without obvious reason. She most probably has to change some of the meds she is already taking and the right medication and dosage still has to be determined. Nothing much is happening in a hospital on the weekend, so she most probably has to stay there for a couple of days. But all in all, she is doing fine. Thank God.