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Day 3 – Miscellaneous

I got a little over 6 hours of sleep last night. At one stretch without waking up once. Yay me! I felt almost well rested this morning, but the exhaustion set back in when I got home in the afternoon. After the IV and some errands and grocery shopping (living single has it downsides when you’re sick) and stopping by my mom’s, I managed to make some work-related phone calls / mails, catching up with various blogs and such… All of a sudden it was evening already. *yawn*

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

Even though I would have the time to start reading a novel right now, I just can’t bring myself to pick up one of the many unread books on my shelves. I’m afraid my brain is to mushy to really be able to concentrate on a new fictional story. My fictional reading at the moment is restricted to a few wonderful post-season 6 Grey’s fanfictions. AriaAdagio, who wrote a masterpiece after the ferryboat arc all those years ago, is back with a new story – “All Along the Watchtower” – and it’s brilliant and she is such a talented writer and she knows Meredith and Derek much better than Shonda ever did and ever will ;-) Check it out if you’re into fanfiction and if you still like Grey’s Anatomy.

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The Past Week of My Life…

The lack of blog posts might have given you the impression that I’m insanely busy. And that impression would be right. My schedule for today gives me about 15 minutes to write this and post my first week of project365. Because I want to work on my termpaper from 10 – 2 (at least) before I spend some time with my family and then will meet Hai_di and go to Cologne together to see 5vor12 in concert. And I spent too much time away from the computer and the termpaper already yesterday. So just a few random thoughts of this week:

I watched “Slumdog Millionaire” and I liked it. It was different than I expected, it should much more of the ugly and horrible side of lifes in the slums than I expected. I also watched the new LOST and I liked that as well. We got some answers and even more questions and I’m still not quite sure about the way the story is going. But I think I will at least still enjoy watching it. Even if it’s just for the wonderful Ben/Locke dialogues.

° ° ° °

Staying up to watch hockey on ESPN clearly messes up any schedule you might have had for the next day. I watched the Canadiens @ Boston game on Thursday night. Well Friday morning actually, from 1 am til about 3.30 am. It was a great game and I enjoyed watching it, because it was fast and exciting and all a hockey game should be. I have to admit I dozed off every once in a while and missed most of the 2nd period. I should have gone to bed then, but I just couldn’t leave my armchair and the TV. Friday morning I got up around 10.30 am, needed at least another hour until I was really awake and then the first half of the day was already over. The thing is, I’ll probably do it again some time soon, because watching NHL hockey is quite the experience.

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The last ficlet, I promise…

After this post I will stop flooding feedreaders with my newest addiction of wrting tiny Grey’s Anatomy ficlets. At least I’ll try :)  So this will be the last single post about it and in the future I will only mention that I updated my writing endeavours page (also linked above under “About Me”) in any other regular post.

I’m still amazed how easy these words come to me and how much fun it is to finetune that piece so it meets the 100 words condition.

018 – Shelter

It feels… different. She can’t explain why, because the animal shelter still looks the same. Most kennels are still dimly lit and it still almost makes her cry to see the dejected looking dogs within.

She feels a tug on her hand and she starts to smile. It definitely is different this time. The last visit was about filling a void in her life. This visit is about filling the void in a dog’s life. She turns to see a young chocolate lab eagerly licking Derek’s hand. Derek’s eyes shine and she knows she has just met their new roommate.

Showing off…

I’m afraid a got a new addiction. Writing entries for the 100×100 challenge on elevatorjunkies . But unlike the first one, which took me hours to write and revise, the second one came to me literally over night. Before I fell asleep I thought that this might be a good idea for that one prompt and this morning I sat down and finished it in mere 30-45 minutes. It’s really a fun challenge and I’m very content with that ficlet. Yeah, sometimes I like showing off!

001 – Firsts

After more than two months this was the first night she slept without tossing and turning and without desperately avoiding the huge empty space on the other side – his side – of her bed. Because that space was not empty after all. And she wasn’t lying in her bed to begin with.

It also was the first night he slept without desperately hugging the pillow that had still smelled like lavender, even though her head had not touched it for more than two months. He always preferred being able to smell her hair and hug her in person anyway.

I’ve catched up with all the stuff online like I use to every morning, so now I really should start with the household chores, I planned (and have to) do today.

Miscellaneous, 2008/09/18

I spent most of my evening writing and more importantly tweaking my first Grey’s Anatomy fanfiction. Well, it’s not really a fanfiction, but more a tiny little ficlet :-) I wrote it for the 100×100 fanfic challenge in the new livejournal community elevatorjunkies. I thought it’d be so easy to just put one of the many random MerDer scenes from my head into words. But it wasn’t that easy, foreign language and all. And more important I had to restrict the story to a 100 words. Which is an even more difficult task in English, I’d say, because of all the one- or two-letter-words like “a” and “I” and “is” and “it” :-)

For your information: the paragraph above are 113 words. So, using only 100 words is definitely a challenge, but I liked doing it. It took longer than I expected, but that was ok and I had no other plans for tonight anyway.

Grey’s fanfic recommendation

I’m an avid reader of Grey’s fanfictions, as some of you might have noticed. I usually don’t recommend any stories here, because… well, I don’t even know why I don’t :-). Probably because I don’t know which one to choose and if anyone would be interested in recommendations at all. And a lot of the stories I like are really really long, epic novel like long, so that might scare any reader away.

Anyway, I just read a beautiful one-shot. Wonderfully written with some really heartbreaking moments. It’s a great character study of Meredith and Derek and the persons they could turn into in the future (after episode 4.11 that is.) We all know that this future won’t happen, but I really enjoyed reading this. There is some porn in the first part, so be warned :-)

“You couldn’t have figured this out eight years ago? It’s been a long time. There’s a lot of water under the bridge. There’s so much water under the bridge that the bridge has been swept away. There is no bridge, Derek.”

What Do You Go Home To? written by hibbleton