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Work, football and phone numbers

A Fresh start into a new week and I was rather busy at work this morning. Maybe not really busy, as I had time to check mails and journals and blogs and message boards every once in a while. But at least I wasn’t that bored that I could start to post something to my blog. Is it weird that I feel good about having something to do at work? No, not at all, because I definitely don’t want to risk bore-out-syndrome :) I left an hour early, because I have to this mindmap thing. As I can’t install any software at the office computer (because our office is part of a larger computer network and we’re not allowed to install anything) I have to do that work from home, which I will in a few minutes. Continue reading

Vienna Calling…

They played “Vienna calling” on the radio last night, when we drove home from the city. Nice! So, Germany made it to the final of EURO 2008 and this country went crazy. Even I did to some extent and I was really really thrilled that the team managed to win the game. But honestly: The didn’t deserve to have won. Not at all, because they were playing so bad. They had about five shots on goal and even “efficiently” scored three times, but the way everyone messed up everywhere on the field, was rather hard too watch.
If I would care about that sport at all I would probably be mad at the team for that absolutely poor performance. But as I don’t, I can just be as patriotic as I want to be and celebrate. It’s great to see the feeling of summer 2006 return more and more with every day. People with german flags on their cars, in Team Germany jerseys or with any kind of German fan-stuff (caps, necklaces) and on the night of the game even with big flags wrapped around their hips or worn as a cape.

I really like that this nation finally is able to deal with their national symbols (flag, colours) in a friendly and relaxed way. Due to our history, there didn’t seem to be a normal way to deal with it in the last few decades. Probably because the only ones who did, were the ones with an ugly nationalistic, racist attitude. 10 years ago you wouldn’t have caught me with german flags painted on my cheeks no matter what sport event took place anywhere :-). But that’s changed in the last few years and it’s fun to see and to be a part of it.
It’s nice to see how this sport and tournament brings people together. You have a common topic to talk about anywhere with anyone and it’s really great. The atmosphere in this country is so relaxed at the moment, it’s a welcome change for a few days. Because this summerdream and the relaxed atmosphere will be over after the tournament, I guess. So let’s enjoy it while it lasts and let’s keep singing along to rather stupid football songs on the radio like I did last night on my way back home. Singing on the top of my voice to Oli Pochers “Bringt ihn heim” (Bring it home). Oli Pocher! *headdesk* I was still on the victory high, I guess.

All in all I still think hockey is the way cooler sport though :-)

Miscellaneous, 2008/06/14

What does it say about my taste in music, when My Radio on last.fm plays “Hungry Eyes”. And I even hit the “Mark as Loved” button. *sigh* But it IS a classic, right?


Yesterday I searched my old bedroom for some of the empowerment guidebooks I worked with almost 10 years ago and I stumbled across an old diary with entries dated back in December 1999. Reading them I realized that I’ve really come a long way. Some of the stuff is still causing “trouble” now and then, but basically I know that I actually shouldn’t or don’t have to think or feel a certain way. I still do sometimes, but at least I know that it’s not for real. If that makes any sense. So, that’s quite a progress for that girl writing that diary 10 years ago.
Yesterday I also suggested to my mom to go on vacation together in September. 10 years ago that would never ever have happened. Me suggesting a week of us together in a cottage? No way. I’m really happy we’ve overcome this as well. I guess, that’s a part of growing up …

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EURO 2008 betting community

The European Football Championship will start in a couple of days, so it’s about time to start my traditional betting community :-) [Thanks to ocean77 for the reminer *g*] This year the site is available in German and English, so it’s even open to international members


(I don’t know why the first bonus question isn’t translated, it asks for the nationality of the tournaments best goalscorer)

Anyone feel free to join… There’s no prize to win, but it’s going to be fun anyway, right…?