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“…and dance like no one is watching”

I’m in the second week of the Game On! and it’s going well so far. It’s a bit tricky to not let too much time pass between my five (small) meals and I had to give up a few points because of that. Like today, when I cooking took so much more time than I thought it would. I should have started earlier, but I didn’t. I know it sounds very strict to be on a tight eating schedule but I actually think it will help to establish a more healthy routine and eating habits aftewards. At least I’m determined to not forget all about the useful and sensible rules I’m living by during the game, once the game is over. I will definitely try to follow the “at least 7 hours sleep” rule more often, because I once again noticed that my body and brain thank me for it. It just feels better to not be truding to the station still half asleep and to actually be awake enough on the train to concentrate on some reading. Ok, I might be exaggerating, it wasn’t that bad with less sleep, but it’s still not reasonable either.

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Feeling Off, Game On & Other Stuff

I was supposed to attend a meeting this late afternoon / early evening. Two meetings were actually scheduled around the same time, so I had to cancel one of them anyway, but then I even skipped the other meeting as well, because I was feeling soooo off all day. With a slight headache and dizzy and my blood pressure probably is somewhere below 100/50 or something. When I got home I lay down for a while and I hope that helped a bit. I will try to get enough rest tonight so that I’m back to my old self tomorrow.

About a year ago I played the “Game On!” diet game with some Grey’s Anatomy fans (thanks to internet which makes this kind of interaction even possible). I wrote about the rules of this “game” in detail last year, so I’ll skip that part in this post. I lost about 6 kg (13 lb), but after a few months this weight was back on. I know why I have a fridge magnet that says “I keep losing weight, but it keeps finding me” ;-).
A few weeks ago I asked my teammate from last year if she would join me for another round and we actually planned to play on the same site we played last year, but that didn’t work out for schedule reasons mostly, because the new game started in October while I was in the process of moving and had a hectic life. We decided to challenge each other than in November and that’s what we did. Or are still doing. It’s going ok so far for me, but today throws me off a bit. I’m wondering if I’m feeling this dizzy today because I changed my eating habits early this week. Maybe my body is still craving something. (Chocolate *g*). It can’t be dehydration because I drink more than enough. Or maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with the game, but it’s just the weather. Or a bug or some thing. But today I’m using quite of few of the “Day off from rule X” passes, because it wouldn’t work out for me any other way. Enough of the whining though, I’m happy to do this challenge and to introduce some rules into my every day life. It fits to the whole “all new” situation I’m still finding myself in :-)

I will need a few more weeks to get used to this new flat, I think. The spaciousness. The many light switches and the heatings I have to turn off. In all the rooms :-) I definitely need some more furniture, but I have no idea when I’ll be able to afford it. And I still need to sort through a lot of the stacks on the shelves and unpacked little boxes and bags with various tidbits and just random stuff. I hope to do some of that on the weekend. But enough of the talking (well writing) I know some people are curious to actually see my new place. So here are some pictures… Continue reading

Miscellaneous, 2009/09/09

I guess complaining about my busy life would be old news by now. At least today is a free evening for me and I should really use that to write a hopefully decent blog post. I feel kind of bad for not writing, even though there isn’t so much interesting stuff to write about. But still… it feels weird to fill the blog with a weekly project365 post only. Maybe doing Miscellaneous posts every once in a while will get my writing muse return :-)

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

The Game On Diet is working out great for me so far even though last week was kind of a letdown. I lived by the rules more diligent than in the first week and got a lot more points than in the first week. I lost 3.5 lb in the first week, and almost another 2 lb in the beginning of the second week. But than I had Quesadillas Queso + a white caffe moccha for my “meal off” and gained some weight again. And I took the day off for a wedding and gained some more, even though I didn’t indulge at all. *sigh* At the end of the second week I weighed just as much as at the end of the first, which meant that I lost my alcohol privilege (the permission to drink alcohol on your day off or during your meal off). I don’t really mind that alcohol prohibition much, but of course I also didn’t get any bonus points (for 1% weight loss) last week and that really sucked. I felt so bad for my teammate, because she had a great score and than I had to mess it up :-(
But at least I’m doing great this week so far and once again lost some more. I’m already in the stage where the feeling of wearing certain clothes changes :-) I had a couple of jeans which did not fit perfectly anymore, but were a bit too tight. They fit wonderfully now. I really noticed the change when I put on my sweatpants and t-shirt in the gym this afternoon, because those pants definitely fit more loosely than before. It felt good :-)

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I miss the Fraser & MacKenzie Clan

55 days ago – on the train to Bruxelles on my way to my summer vacation – I started reading “Outlander”. Until I finished reading book 6 yesterday afternoon I carried one of the books of the Outlander series in my bag everyday and wherever I went. London, Glasgow, Highlands, Edinburgh and as well here back home in Germany. I spent most of my spare time (which was rare to begin with) reading about Jamie & Claire, Bree & Roger, Fergus & Marsali, Ian, Germain, Jemmy and all the other members of the Fraser McKenzie Clan.

Sometimes – and during the last two or three books more often then at the beginning of the story – I rolled my eyes about some of the sub-plots. I was a bit bored by some of the detours Diana Gabaldon took in telling her story. What bothered me the most – of the things that bothered me at all – was that quite often I had the impression, that she hadn’t thought the plot through in advance. The last book contains an interview with her and she kind of admits to starting to write and see where it takes her. At least that explained to me how some of the “facts” which were carefully constructed in earlier parts of the story where later dropped with a rather plain and quite often not believable explanation. Like why there were these two gravestones in that Scottish churchyard.
There are a few more things I could criticize more detailed, but I feel like I’m not really entitled to that, because I couldn’t put any of the books down after all. So Diana Gabaldon must have done something right. And she did with creating these characters and with making me care about them so much, that I was moved to tears on a few occasions.

Book 7 will be released (as hardcover) on 22nd September which is much less than 55 days ahead. And from what I’ve read so far about book 7 (at Amazon etc) it’s going to be a lot like book 2, which I liked a lot. I might be on vacation that week and I am already trying to figure out how to get the book that day anyway. I already checked for bookstores which might sell English books near my vacation spot and it doesn’t look good. I might have to order it from Amazon and spend the day at home in the cottage to make sure the postman can actually delivers it to me :-)

And it really feels weird to not be able to escape into this world of fiction when I have a few moments to spare and want to relax ore when I just want to escape the real world. But on the other hand I might finally be able to catch up with season 5 of “The West Wing”. And I also started reading Krista Vernoff’s “The Game On! Diet” Book and I really enjoy it because it’s not just informative but also very very entertaining. I’m determined to play that game as soon as possible and I hope I’ll find a nice team among the Grey’s fans / Gameondieters community on twitter. Or is there anyone among my readers here is up for that challenge as well and might want to team up with me.