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My TV Series From A – Z

I updated the „I’ve watched” page on this blog on Friday and thought I’d do a short review of all the TV series I’ve so far watched this year. [I also for a short moment considered writing a „this and that happened in my life recently” post, but it’s all so ordinary and boring and … well, I’ve watched a lot of TV series recently, so mayb that’s why nothing extraordinary happened.] Anyway, a short review in alphabetical order.

Brothers & Sisters: Up until this last season (which turned out to actually be the last season of the show) I really liked this show. I had fun following the Walkers through their lives and I overlooked a lot of far-fetched storylines. But in 2010/11 the writing really went down the drain. Seriously, I was convinced that there was crack being handed around the writer’s room, because the writing was sooooo bad. I stopped watching after the first few episodes but friends told me the show got less bad later on, so I joined in again. There was still a lot of crap, but there also were nice and cute stories, and I didn’t want to abandon the Walkers after all these years. I think ABC was right to not bring the show back for another season though.

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Today’s Leftovers, 8th Issue, 2011

I was supposed to get my first Tysabri IV tomorrow, but I had to cancel due to my acute bronchitis. Maybe it’s for the best, Friday 13th might have been a stupid date to start a new treatment after all.

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The antibiotics and other meds my GP gave me for that stupid bronchitis seem to work very well though. The cough is mostly gone, so is the sore throat and even my vocal chords are almost working as well as before.

~ ~ ~ ~

Team Germany lost the quarter final match and is out of the World Championship. Too bad, but it was to be expected and they did play a great tournament after all. I was rooting for Team Canada tonight but, damn, the Russian kicked them out as well.

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The Decline of Grey’s Anatomy, How I See It…

I spent the afternoon jotting down all the things I have to do over the next few days/weeks. I could start with getting some of the things done right away today, but… there is always tomorrow. And the day after that… :-)
There was interesting discussion in my twitter stream last night about when Grey’s Anatomy changed from being an amazing TV show to just a mediocre and in my eyes nowadays even most of the times rather underwhelming TV show. I guess we – the ones that were/are invested enough to even spend time thinking about this – probably have different opinions about that, depending on what aspect of the show we are/were most intrigued by or interested in. In this post I’ll try to put together my personal thoughts on the decline of Grey’s Anatomy.

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Grey’s Anatomy 7.18 – “Song Beneath The Song”

This might be the first review which I wrote without having watched the episode for a 2nd time. There is no way I’m going to watch this one on the whole for a 2nd time. Ever. I’m so glad that this “music event“ went finally on the air and hopefully the hype Shonda and ABC created about it will slow down. Slow down fast, please. Because this episode? Was the epic failure I expected it to be. Maybe if I had managed to keep an open mind about it, I wouldn’t have disliked it to that extent. But like I had already written yesterday: I was long past the stage of “open-minded” about this episode.

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Food For Thought…

I have many more questions I’m trying to answer at the moment. Some are important, some mundane and some rather insignificant, but I thought writing about those could be a good way trying to get back into the blogging mood and to post more often and not just when I’ve watched a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy :-) Which is already the cue for the first question.
[Just to be clear, I’m not really expecting you, who are reading this , to answer the questions for me, but suggestions and comments are always welcome. Especially for the 3rd question, answers are basically essential *g*.]

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Grey’s Anatomy 7.17 – “This Is How We Do It”

I wish I could just get over my addiction to this show already. To just quit it. Cold turkey or something. Is there some “GAA” group out there somewhere? Because I obviously haven’t reached that stage yet and so I will continue to watch  “Grey’s Anatomy” while having breakfast on my day off. It used to be my Free Friday Fun activity, but it’s not that much fun anymore. *sigh*

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Glee M.D.

When I’ve first read that Grey’s Anatomy was planning a musical episode I was torn between “Wow, that’s cool” and “Oh no, how awful”. I’ve always liked and often even loved the music on Grey’s. I wasn’t used to that much music on a regular TV show and they did a wonderful job with setting the mood of a scene or episode with the music they choose. I’ve also discovered a lot of new wonderful artists via the Grey’s soundtrack. All these were reasons for the first “Wow” reaction.
But very soon the “Oh no!” reaction was so much stronger. I feared doctors breaking out into tapdance during rounds and such. Well not quite, but to break into a song during a scene and just… Ugh! It might work on “Glee”, but even there I’m not usual a fan of that. But that’s just me. Anyway, the idea of “Glee M.D.” as Patrick Dempsey joked in one article, seemed horrible to me.

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