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Today’s Leftovers, 8th Issue, 2011

I was supposed to get my first Tysabri IV tomorrow, but I had to cancel due to my acute bronchitis. Maybe it’s for the best, Friday 13th might have been a stupid date to start a new treatment after all.

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The antibiotics and other meds my GP gave me for that stupid bronchitis seem to work very well though. The cough is mostly gone, so is the sore throat and even my vocal chords are almost working as well as before.

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Team Germany lost the quarter final match and is out of the World Championship. Too bad, but it was to be expected and they did play a great tournament after all. I was rooting for Team Canada tonight but, damn, the Russian kicked them out as well.

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… Slovenskoooo, heja, heja, heja Slovensko!”

That was the song of about 9200 slovakian hockey fans at the Orange Arena in Bratislava last night. The 100 (or less german fans) had really no chance to be heared, because the slovakian fans really are incredibly loud and had a wide range of songs to sing and different ways to cheer their team on. Really amazing and usually a very entertaining group of fans to share an arena with. Not when you are playing against their team though :-)

But our team down on the ice did not seem to be impressed by this atmosphere, because they beat Slovakia anyway! Which was so so so incredibly awesome that I honestly can’t find the right words to express how impressed I was and still am. I don’t want to do a recap of the game here, you can just search any sport/hockey news site and read about it in detail there.

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BEING Old, Rusty & Calcified :-)

Sane people would have stayed home last night. Crazy people decided to to watch a hockey game of my 2nd favourite team :-) The team lost, rightfully so, so it maybe wasn’t really worth it. Usually I’m the designated driver, but I declined to drive in this weather and luckily Bro1 had to drive himself anyway and could take Bro2 and Bro3, while I could take a ride with Bro1’s girlfriend (and her mom and another fan). So all was well… it took quite a while to get to the hockey rink, but we didn’t encounter any problems on the road. We just had to drive slower and more careful than usual.
I spent over an hour this morning with clearing the sidewalk and the path to the garbage bins from all the snow that fell in the night. A lot of snow and it hasn’t stopped since. I’ll probably shovel some more this afternoon before I head over to my mom’s for the family christmas. I already mentioned that I don’t mind the snow that much, I sort of like the adventurously aspect of it all. If it just wouldn’t happen durng my “snow duty week”, because it sucks to be out there early every morning during my vacation.

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Miscellaneous – October 24, 2010

Except for my Grey’s reviews there was an astonishing silence in this blog and I can’t promise that will change anytime soon. Well, there is this post now, but… I’m so busy with my move to the new flat (which takes a bit longer than expected) and work and all. And when I’m not busy I’m too tired or my brain is still occupied with a lot of other stuff, so I can’t pull myself together to write a blog post. All I can write about are just the bits and pieces of my every-day-life anyway. But at least I’m going to do that now for once. Beware that these thoughts are in totally random order ;-)

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The Best Game You Can Name

What a tournament. World record at the opening game. Suprising victories from the “underdogs”. Denmark. Switzerland. Germany. Yes, Germany definitely is a icehockey underdog. They wouldn’t have been allowed to play at the A division world championship this year, if they hadn’t been the host. They were relegated last year. They didn’t win a single game at the Olympics in Vancouver and only scored once.
I was hoping that they’d do better at this world championship at home with thousands of fan rooting for them. But I also was afraid that they might have to play in the relegation round and worst case scenario were relegated again.

But then there was the opening game with 77.000 viewers and a 2:1 victory against the USA. There were great games against Finland and Denmark in the prelimary round. Great games against Russia and Belarus and Slovakia in the qualifiying round. They won some, they lost some, but even when they lost it was always a tight game and they were never outplayed. They played amazingly and (I admit at least to me) surprisingly well. They advanced to the quarterfinals and met Switzerland, which they haven’t beaten in a while. But they did this time. They met Russia again in the semifinals and just like the game last week it was tight and they could have almost taken it to overtime and maybe even a victory. The played against Sweden this afternoon in the bronzemedal game and even in this game they did amazingly well. They lost in the end, which of course was a disappointment at first, because they were so close to winning the bronzemedal. The first one since the Olympic bronze in 1976 and it would have been the first at the worldchampionship since sometime in the 1950s.

And that’s bascially why the end of this tournament was no disappointment at all. They were supposed to be relegated last year (and I have to say rightfully so, because they didn’t play well) and now they made it to the seminfinal! They achieved so much more than anyone would (and could) have expected. They fought and never gave up and most of all they played so so well. Our defense player Christian Ehrhoff and our goalie Dennis Endras were chosen for the All-Star-Team (best players of the tournament) and goalie Dennis Endras was also named Most Valuable Player. Ther german goalie is MVP in the icehockey world championship. I’m so so happy about what happened at this tournament and I’m so so proud of these guys. It’s not just the best game, but in this case, also the best team you can name!

My “Date” with Ovechkin ;-)

I’m back from Cologne and from the best game I’ve seen from the German icehockey team in a loooooong time. Probably the best I’ve ever watched. At least the best I’ve watched at a hockey rink and not on TV. Our team was so so so amazing. They fought and never gave up, they hardly made any mistakes and they really seemed like a team, whose members know each others moves and it all just fit. I was so proud of our boys after the game!
Ok, they lost the game, but instead of the expected 0:8 result it was a tight 2:3. Against Russia! A team with quite a few of the big NHL stars among them. Varlamov. Kovalchuk. Federov. Semin And of course Ovechkin. I was really looking forward to see him play on the ice just a few metres away from me. He was In motion most of the time, so I couldn’t really take any decent pictures. But at least I managed to snap one of his backside during the warm up ;-) Continue reading

Project365: 323 – 329 (Week 48)

How can it already be Friday night again? What did I do during that last two days, which I had off from work? Oh, well, I slept. And slept some more… at least that what it felt like. I thought about writing my Grey’s review tonight, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Because just now remembered that I still haven’t watched the latest “Brothers & Sisters” episode. Watching hockey totally messed my weekly TV schedule ;-) Anyway, here are this weeks project365 photos. Thematically one-sided, I know ;-)

323 week 48-1
2010-05-07: Getting ready for game 1

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