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Prompt: Favourite Character in a Work of Literary Fiction

A few weeks back I provided this prompt for the prompt-ly listserv, so it’s about time I follow up with my own blog post . After careful consideration I knew I had to write about two fictional characters. The first one should come as no surprise, if you have been reading this blog in the last two years.

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Day 4 – Exhaustion & Audiobooks

Even though I got another almost 6 hours of sleep last night I’m feeling so so exhausted. The weather isn’t really helping either. This afternoon I was laying on my deckchair outside and almost fell asleep. I like my deckchair, but it’s not the most comfortable thing to sleep on. Sleep comfortably. So I dragged my tired bones back inside and lay down in my comfy bed. After tossing and turning for 45 minutes I got back up. Ugh! I hate that the corticoidsteroids on the one hand make me so so tired and on the other hand still keep me too agitated to actually sleep. My heart and mind just won’t slow down and it’s wearing me down.

I was hoping I’d finally finish my second (shorter post) of the Day of Song event last Sunday. But my brain seems to be too fried to write a coherent post about that. At least I already choose the few pictures to accompany that post. Small steps.

What I can write about now though seems to be my new found love for audiobooks. Ok, it might have something to do with my profound love of the Outlander novel series and their two main characters :-) I wrote about that yesterday already. I have to admit: I’ve never really been much interested in audiobooks before. Probably because for a long time I just didn’t own an device which was easy to use for audiobooks. I had a mp3 player long time ago and then started to listen to music on my cell phone. It was working fine with music, but audiobooks – at least the few I knew – comprised hundred of seperate mp3 files. And it was a nuisance to resume listening once I’ve stopped.
I usually would have only listened to audiobooks while I’m out and about and might have to stop in the middle of a chapter, when I’ve reached my destination. And that would mean I’d either have to listen to the same mp3 file all over again or to fast forward, which wasn’t easy on the cellphones either. So, I never quite been a fan or even listener of audiobooks before. That didn’t change when I bought my iPod two (?) years ago, because I honestely didn’t even think that it might be much easier to listen to those on the iPod.

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Trying to deal with Jamie Fraser withdrawal

“I feel… empty”

I couldn’t help myself to start this post with this Grey’s Anatomy quote from early season 2 :-) I’m a nerd that way, that I perfectly remember some dialogues, which probably has something to do with watching the episodes or favourite moments of it multiple times. But this line just came to my mind, when I thought how to write about the strange feeling I woke up to this morning. And no, it has nothing to do with being sick and throwing up *g*. Just with having said goodbye to some very lovely people, who I spent most of my spare time with during the last few days. Yes, I’ve finished reading “An Echo in the Bone” late last night, very late last night. Early this morning to be exact. I just couldn’t put it down and go to sleep not knowing what’s going to happen to the Frasers. And the MacKenzies. And of course Lord John and William Ransom. And now I know, or at least I know parts of it, because of course there were some cliffhangers and in fact I don’t know anything at all really. Which sucks a little. But I guess that’s the price you have to pay when you let yourself get sucked into this fictional world and get so so attached to all these wonderful characters.

This 7th novel of the Outlander series was just published last week so I’ll try to now give anything away and to not spoil anyone’s pleasure of reading it. Because it has been a tremendous pleasure. I know I’ve said it before, when I have spent almost two months this summer reading the first six novels in a row. But I really have to express my deepest thanks to Diana Gabaldon for creating these characters and to make them so loveable, that I couldn’t help but fall in love with them and care about their fate. Gabaldon has a wonderful way with words and she made these broad range of various characters with their different ways of living and their sense of honor and morality come alive, which is really fascinating.

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Can’t think of a decent headline for this…

I had the most relaxing vacation last week. And now just a couple of days after I got back home to my ordinary life I’m wanting to leave again, because my life is so boring and… well, unexciting. So was my vacation, but at least I relocated for that and I spend time in other surroundings and all that. One of the reasons I will take a break from the project365 for a while is that I feel that my every day life is restricted to this small and restricted part of the world, which is the same every day. The same places, the same roads, the same shops, the same just everything. I know it’s up to me to change that. To change my routine at least during my spare time. To go and visit different places. To just go and DO stuff. With all the election campaigning going on for the last few months and keeping me insanely busy I obviously forgot how to do other stuff. But there are so many things to do and places to visit, if just for an afternoon. I really should get off my lazy bum and do just that. I hopefully will on the weekend.  At least I’m planning to.

I still have to pick up working on my termpaper again. I got a good start during my vacation, but then there was the campaign and the election and having a hard time to come to terms with the outcome. And of course there also was work. And some other stuff like music and books and… :-)

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