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Books I’ve Read In 2010

For my own reference. The list is chronological and [G/E] indicates the book’s language.

Lost in a Good Book – Jasper Fforde, 2002 [E]
02. The Well of Lost Plots – Jasper Fforde, 2003 [E]
03. Something Rotten – Jasper Fforde, 2004 [E]
04. The First Among Sequels – Jasper Fforde, 2007 [E]
05. Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins – Rupert Everett, 2006 [E]
06. Der Nobelpreis – Andreas Eschbach, 2005 [G]
07. Ali zum Dessert – Hatice Akyün, 2010 [G]
08. The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet – Reif Larsen, 2009 [E]
09. Was glaubst denn du? – Andrea Fischer, 2008 [G]
10. Gut gegen Nordwind – Daniel Glattauer, 2006 [G]
11. Alle sieben Wellen – Daniel Glattauer, 2009 [G]
12. Immer für Sie da – Hilfreiche Gedichte und Geschichten – Fritz Eckenga, 2007 [G]
13. The C-Word – Lisa Lynch, 2010 [E]
14. This Body of Death – Elizabeth George, 2010 [E]
Du bist Deutschland? Ich bin Einkaufen! Geschichten uns Gedichte – Fritz Eckenga, 2008 [G]
16. Bad Monkeys – Matt Ruff, 2007 [E]
17. Weil Samstag ist – Frank Goosen, 2010 [G]
18. The Year of Living Biblically – A.J. Jacobs, 2007 [E]
19. Ein Jahr in Stockholm – Veronika Beer, 2010 [G]
20. Die Essensfälscher – Thilo Bode, 2010 [G]
21. The Exile – Diana Gabaldon, 2010 [E]
22. Anne of Ingleside – Lucy Maud Montgomery, 1939 [E]
23. Rainbow Valley – Lucy Maud Montgomery, 1923 [E]
24. Rilla of Ingleside – Lucy Maud Montgomery, 1920 [E]
25. Mondflet – J. Meade Falkner, 1898 [G]

Movies and TV Series of 2010

Basically just for my own reference. The movies are listed chronologically, the TV series alphabetically. [G/E] indicates the movies/series language.


[G] Avatar 3D (Cinema)
[G] Friendship (Cinema)
[E] Sherlock Holmes (Cinema)
[E] My Best Friend’s Wedding (DVD)
[E] An Ideal Husband (DVD)
[G] New York, I Love You (Cinema)
[G] The Blind Side (Cinema)
[E] Inspector Lynley Mysteries 3.01 – In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner (DVD)
[G] Scheidung für Fortgeschrittene (TV)
[G] Remember Me (Cinema)
[G] Vincent will meer (Cinema)
[E] Inspector Lynley Mysteries 3.02 – A Traitor To Memory (DVD)
[G] Der Kommissar und das Meer – Schwarzer Engel (TV)
[G] Kiss & Kill (Cinema)
[E] Invictus (DVD)
[G] Goethe! (Cinema)
[G] Red (Cinema)
[E] Love Actually (DVD)
[E] Enchanted (DVD)
[E] It’s A Wonderful Life (DVD)
[G] Weihnachten im Morgenland (TV)
[E] Inspector Lynley Mysteries 3.03 – A Cry For Justice (DVD)

TV Series (episodes)
[E] Brothers & Sisters: 4.11 – 5.10
[E] Covert Affairs: 1.01. – 1.02
[E] Flash Forward: 1.11 – 1.12
[E] Grey’s Anatomy: 6.11 – 7.10
[E] Hawaii 5-0: 1.01 – 1.11
[E] How To Make It In America: 1.01 – 1.02
[E] Life Unexpected: 1.01 – 2.07
[E] LOST: 6.01 – 6.16
[E] North & South (mini-series, 4 parts)
[E] Parenthood: 1.01 – 2.10
[E] Raising The Bar: 2.03 – 2.11
[E] Sherlock: 1.01 – 1.03
[E] The Big Bang Therory: 1.01 – 4.10
[E] White Collar: 1.01 – 2.09

Abstract of Week #31

Ugh! I was so determined to be productive this evening, but I once again failed. Somebody must put forward all my clocks when I’m not looking…

I saw a kind of “my week meme” on a German blog last night and liked the idea of it. My version is slightly different though, not just because it’s in another language. If I keep this up I guess these prompts might change a bit. Or there might be additional ones. Just as I see fit….

|First| Managed to let my computer turned off in the morning before I leave my apartment.

|Last| Package of Mars Planets I have at home (Trying to wean myself off it, but replacing it with other chocolate doesn’t really help. So far).

|Sound| Heavy rain outside on a Sunday morning.

|Sight| Benedict Cumberbatch. (not in real, i.e. my life. Sadly.And actually not “my type”, but he’s a brilliant Sherlock)

|Word(s)| Brain Fog.

|Read| Textbooks. Scientific papers. A news magazine. Grey’s Anatomy fanfiction on the net.

|Listened To| “Dragonfly in Amber” audiobook. Lots of Runrig music in order to choose songs for my own “Best of” compilation.

|Watched| The Big Bang Theory. Sherlock.

|Learned| Specifics of the date format on typo3.

|Found| Textbook, already bought months ago and completely forgot about.

|Bought| New earphones for my iPod.

|Thrown Away| Pair of old jeans.

|Started| Making lists of what new furniture I need to buy for my new flat.

|Finished| Most of the detailed planning for the annual summer party (work related)

|Planned| How to get from Arlanda airport to my hotel and vice versa.

My List of Unread Books

Instead of writing the Grey’s review, which I know would take me more than an hour, I decided to put together the list of all the unread books on my shelf. Lined up on the shelf and where there wasn’t enough space to line up, there are a couple of stacks. Since yesterday I’m officially out of shelfspace and really have to consider to buy another bookshelf, even though I have no idea how to put it. Until then I probably can use part of the only half filled DVD rack. I usually note the date of purchase on the first page of the book, for my own reference. I knew that one of the stacks contains books I bought quite a while ago and probably won’t read for another couple of years. If I ever read them at all. But I just can’t throw them away (you don’t throw away books!) and I’m too lazy to sell them on ebay or to donate them to some charity thing. I probably got them at some charity bookfair years ago :-)

I don’t know why I buy books when I still have so many books I haven’t read yet. I guess, because the new books sound so interesting and intriguing. I actually read quite a few of the newly purchased books within a couple of months. But every once in a while I have kind of a book shopping spree and the books just pile up, because I can’t read as fast as I buy new ones. For example, from the seven books I read in 2009 so far, there were 5 new ones and only 2 out of the collection of unread books. But until I have a bigger apartment and more space for bookshelves I should really refrain from buying books on a regular basis.

Anyway, here is my current list of unread books. [G/E] indicates the language and it’s interesting to see that most of the books are in English. I don’t know if I actually buy more English books or if I just read the German ones earlier… The last purchased on on top, the one at the bottom was purchased in 2004 :-)

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Passing Time (With a TV Show Meme)

Did I really not write a post this week? Well, there wasn’t really much to write about, but that hasn’t kept me before :-) Today I’m procrastinating once more, but I’m sure I will get the dreadful things done later tonight. I’m planning to watch hockey tonight, because I can sleep in tomorrow. Which also means I have a lot of time on my hands tonight before the game starts. And because of that I can use the time during the day to do the unimportant, but much nicer stuff. I know it probably would make more sense to get the dreadful tasks out of the way so I can spend the rest of the day enjoying the nicer stuff. But it just doesn’t work like that for me. Never did and probably never will. I’m too distracted by the nicer stuff and I obviously need the pressure and the nagging voice in my head which is adding to my bad conscience, before I actually start working on the dreadful things. But then I do it and it works for me this way.

During my university years I spent my days enjoying the sun in the garden and spent the nights studying for tests and it always worked out fine. But back then I scheduled enough time for studying, which means I started to do that weeks before the test. And didn’t try to pull of writing a 25 pages paper within 2 weeks. Of course that couldn’t work out, wether I write during day or night time. I have more than enough time to write that paper again now and I will definitely go back to working on it this weekend. Maybe even tonight…

But before that I will write my review of another enjoyable and wonderful Grey’s episode later tonight and first of all  I will post this TV show meme which I picked up on another journal.

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions. Don’t cheat!

1 Grey’s Anatomy
2 The West Wing
4 Brothers & Sisters
5 Private Practice

They came to my mind in the very specific “most favourite / 2nd most favourite” order… I couldn’t help it :-)

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Tonight’s To-Do-List

At the moment it seems that all I do is go to work (which at least is pretty easy going during the easter school holidays) and work on my termpaper. There is nothing noteworthy happening, so it’s not that awful that I don’t have the time to write a blog entry. At least I find the spare seconds to twitter every once in a while.

Just in case you’re interested… Among catching up with all kind of blogs and tweets and news sites and tvshow gossip sites the plan for the next 10 or so hours is to…

  • take a shower [I was supervised during my Kieser workout today and ended up more sweaty than usual. I wasn’t prepared to take a shower there and I would have gotten all sweaty on my way to the trainstation anyway :-)
  • clean the dishes
  • watch LOST [I prefer to do that during daytime, because I’m a wimp]
  • mail the drafts of some parts of our election programme to my fellow Greens
  • have some kind of dinner
  • edit and upload my daily project365 photo
  • continue to read termpaper literature
  • continue to write termpaper
  • look up the call numbers of aprox 40 books in the online catalogue of two different libaries (for the 2nd termpaper) [did so for one of the two libraries]
  • watch the first game of the Boston – Canadiens QF series at 01.00 AM [I know it’s crazy to stay up for something like that especially with all the things I actually have on my agenda, but I will be multitasking… kind of and I will use the time till then to work on my paper]
  • iron some laundry, while watching the hockey game
  • catch up with the stack of newspaper and unread magazines, while watching the hockey game
  • sleep :-) Not too long though because I have to use the day off tomorrow (and the weekend) to work on the termpaper

If I Just Had The Time…

I’ll follow Jules’ example and just give you a list of all the topics I would write about if I just had the time. Topics like…

  • being insanely busy at work, when I expected a calm and unstressful day
  • the weird feeling of going back to a real university campus for the first time since 2002
  • the small panic that I might run out of time to write a decent termpaper till April 19th
  • the even bigger panic that I’ll have to write a second termpaper after that, due May 3rd and I haven’t even thought about that yet
  • the guilt that’s setting in because of the two things above
  • my inabilty to stay out of “The West Wing”. I’ll have to limit my visits!
  • an insanely crazy fandom-related thing I have going on, which will probably lead to doing something crazy in a couple of hours. But it’s all for a good cause, so…
  • taking part in Project365
  • my need for chocolate
  • Tim Thomas

Until I will find time for a real blog entry, you might want to keep an eye on my twitter account. Because I’ll find the few spare seconds to send a tweet every once in a while :-)