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My Life According To LOST

What can I say… this is fun, even though it’s been difficult to find suitable answers with this show :-)

How to do this meme: Using only EPISODE names from ONE TV SHOW, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat an episode title. It’s a lot harder than you think! Repost as “My life according to (show)”.

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Finally… My Long Announced (Long) Post About LOST

Ever since the final episodes of LOST aired a few weeks ago I wanted to write this (or at least a similar) post and explain why this particular end of the show bothered me. It took me a quite some time to actually figure it out and even while I was typing this over the last few days my thoughts still were all over the place. LOST is such a huge and complex and complicated story after all. Always has been, always will be and that is what I loved and still love and will love about this show. But I think another reason why it that took me so long to actually write down my thoughts in a coherent manner was that the the main objection I had to this ending, was surprising for myself and I had to think about that for a while.

But first of all I have to state that LOST was an exceptional show and I don’t regret being a fan of it, because all in all I had so much fun watching it. Thinking about it, discussing events, coming up with theories, trying to solve mysteries, answering questions… watching it has been an adventure and it never (or just rarely) has been boring. And I haven’t even been a die-hard LOST fan. I didn’t really obsess about the show or the characters or wondered about the “bigger picture” or anything. I just enjoyed the unique adventure / fantasy / science-fiction plots and I loved the characters and to see them grow as human beings and to see them find their purpose in life.

It was this combination of both aspects – on the one hand the fantasy / science (-fiction) stuff and on the other hand the philosophical / spiritual stuff – that I considered the show’s biggest quality. I didn’t necessarily expect to get answers for every question and every mystery we had encountered on the island over the last few years. At some point in season 2 or 3 I learned to accept LOST as the crazy, creative, mysterious, intelligent and entertaining piece of television it plainly was. A place where the laws of physics didn’t all apply. Where a scottish conscience could travel through time. An island which was off every map and couldn’t be located.
It was fun to watch and as it was a fictional TV show I didn’t really expect a plausible scientific explanation for any of it in the end. The genre is called science-fiction for a reason! If it’s good and entertaining fiction, I don’t mind a bit, that it was all just made up. And as it was entertaining for the most part I even was able to ignore that the smokemonster looked so fake and thus not scary for most of the first few seasons. To ignore that the frozen wheel which turned the island or the plug on the well of evil looked like props from a underfunded  80s movie of the “Indiana Jones”-adventure genre. Just to mention a few of my tiny pet peeves.

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LOST – “The End”

When I drove home from our small LOST breakfast gathering this afternoon I thought about what I should or would write about it here in my blog. After a few minutes consideration I decided to keep it short.

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Lots and Lots of Fangirly Flip Outs

To be exact: Flip Outs about Paddy, Hockey and LOST 5.11…

I’m kind of feeling better today. Good enough for two entries in fact. I actually wanted to post this one yesterday but then I felt pretty sick-ish in the evening and didn’t get around to it. So this is the first and consists of fangirly flip out only.

If you want to understand why I like Patrick Dempsey so much, you might want to listen to a 10 minute radio interview he did last week. He is just such a down-to-earth guy, humble, nice and funny. I don’t share his love for racing, not at all, but I love that he can get so enthusiastic about it,. That he is a person who still can get enthusiastic about something other than fame and being a hot-shot and all. I had to smile when he said, that he’d love to meet Eric Bana. I’m sure they would have a lot to talk about. Paddy also confirmed that he’s got the movie rights to “The Art of Racing in the Rain”. Cool! And I also loved this part of the interview [Yes, I was kind of bored yesterday but still not fit enough to do some real work. Transcribing was all I could handle]

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IV 3 And Random Thoughts on LOST…

It’s a weird day today. I got about four and a half hour sleep last night and lay awake in bed for the reminder of the night. Heard the guy in the flat upstairs get up around 5.30 am, heard the birds sing and twitter, but also the wind and rain and snow outside. ARGH. It’s late March, it’s spring, why does this nasty winter weather have to return now. It stayed nasty till about an hour ago, when suddenly the sun beamed out of the clouds. Well at least it tried to beam. It looks lighter outside. Question is: For how long….?

Even though I’m lacking a lot of sleep I’m feeling not too bad today. Drugged up, but at least not too listless and not too hyper. Something in between, which feels strange, but might actually help to get some minor things done. Prepare my income tax return and things like that. Send some mails. Easy stuff… I’m even up to reading again, which I couldn’t get myself to do the days before. Because my brain was either too tired or too busy with other thoughts. The things some meds do to you. But I have the feeling that the meds are actually helping, so I shouldn’t complain… I’m afraid they will have to take another vein tomorrow though, which sucks. I’m left-handed and prefer to have the IV on my right arm, but it looks like the inside of my arm around the vein is starting to bruise. I guess I’ll have to wait what the medical assistent thinks about that tomorrow…

During the waking hours this morning I suddenly thought about some LOST stuff. Don’t ask me why…

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I Need Hermione’s Time-Turner!

I started the last entry with “I’m so exhausted”, I think. Well I still am. Although not that much exhausted but more stressed. Again or still. My week needs more days and my days need more hours. What’s really annoying is that it’s not even fun or personal stuff that’s keeping me busy. But work and local politics. And work :-)
I even have to do a lot of work-related stuff tomorrow, even though Friday actually is my day off. In job#1 at least, but I still got a lot of stuff to organize in job#2. Phonecalls to make and all. I usually start my Friday with watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’m such an addict, that I can’t imagine pushing that back until the afternoon. But I also don’t want to be forced to take a break in the middle of an episode to answer some phonecalls. Which might happen, if I don’t get some other stuff done in the morning. So I guess I’ll have to get up extra early, watch the episode and start working / phoning around 8.30 or 9 AM. We’ll see. Don’T get me started on all the other not-work-related stuff I have to get done over the weekend. I really really have to read some of the grad school literature and work on my term papers. I haven’t done that for a long while. But I don’t know when I should have found the time for that…

So I’m off to bed soon, probably listening for a bit to Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter. These audiobooks are really awesome and been a big joy to me in the last couple of days. During the annyoing commute to work and such. Another positive thing to report: I started with Kieser Training again today after I took a 3 week break because of the lower back pain. My back didn’t bother me at all during the work out and I feel that I’ve worked out. Which feels great.

And because I’m so tired, there are just a few thoughts on the new LOST

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LOST – 5.01 “Because You Left” / 5.02 “The Lie”

I just  love this show!
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