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Miscellaneous, 30 January 2011

If I never get around to posting a real one-topic-post anymore, at least I should find time for this kind of post. I’ve actually planned to post this last night. The post was almost completely written, but then I was just too tired to finish it. Today I’ve been busy with various things and most of all with following the Daytona 24 hours on various live streams. The things I do as a Paddy fangirl :-) The Dempsey Racing team is doing great and might end up on the podium [I hope to have this post up before the race ends, because, like I said, it was supposed to be up about 24 hours ago ;-.) ]

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I’ve been pretty busy all week and still not doing really ok (health-wise), so I didn’t feel like collecting my thoughts and writing them down. I’m still suffering from current MS symptoms,. It might be a new MS attack, even though it’s actually only considered a new one if it occurs 4 weeks after the old attack. Which these symptoms didn’t, it was just a few days. I decided to not see my doc about it for several reasons. I didn’t want to get another round of IVs, especially since they didn’t help much during the first/old attack. The symptoms will go away with or without IVs, the IVs just might help to speed up the process. So I have to be patient, which is hard sometimes. But I think it got better, i.e. the symptoms lessened a bit over the last few days. I also didn’t went to see my doc, because I’m not ready yet to talk and decide about the new treatment he suggested. I’m not as confused and in emotional turmoil as I have been, but I still need to gather some more information and to collect all the questions I have and all that. I actually had planned to do that this week and this weekend, but I had too many other things on my mind. And am actually grateful that the MS isn’t all I can think about, like it had been last week, after I learned that I’m actually doing worse than I thought. So I still have to think about some stuff, but I don’t do it all the time, which is nice. And I really don’t want to step into the neurological practice before my appointment in March. I guess I’ll see more than enough of it in the week/months after that…

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Grey’s Anatomy – 7.10 “Adrift and at Peace”

This episode was more or less what I expected it to be. I was looking forward to the fishing trip ever since I had read about it. I dreaded all the Teddy scenes after I had seen the sneaks and I knew I probably wouldn’t care a lot about the rest. Basically all three assumptions came true.

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Grey’s Anatomy 7.07 – “That’s Me Trying”

After last week’s boring and totally useless episode (IMHO) I didn’t expect too much for this week. But I actually liked it a lot. Right after it ended, I thought, that his might be my favourite episode in season 7 so far. Or maybe the episode two weeks ago was even better ;-)? I don’t know. But I felt entertained and moved by this week’s episode and there was just very little that put me off.

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Grey’s Anatomy 7.05 – “Almost Grown”

I admit I was very very surprised myself, but I honestly enjoyed this episode immensly. It was very well-balanced and for the most time very entertaining to watch. I didn’t even mind that the McBaby issue wasn’t addressed further in this new episode, because I know the show is not solely about Meredith and Derek (as much as I sometimes wish it would be *g*), but a whole cast of characters. And we had our MerDer moments, even if not necessarily in scenes together.

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Grey’s Anatomy 6.22 – “Shiny, Happy People”

One week till the season finale and better late than never the show seems to get it’s groove back. Two enjoyable episodes in a row. Wow, what a lovely surprise :-)

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Grey’s Anatomy 6.18 – “Suicide Is Painless”

Oh, well, that was another one of these episodes where I wish someone would remind me why I’m still watching this show. It wasn’t totally crap, but it just didn’t made a lot of sense to me either. I guess, this is going to be another short review. Maybe I should start rating the episodes on a scale from 1-10 to let you know if it is worth watching. (If you haven’t watched it already). This episode would get a 3.5 from me. Most of it for touching a controversial medical/ethical issue and at least 0.5 for having pretty people to look at :-)

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Grey’s Anatomy 6.13 – “State of Love and Trust”

Wow, that was another enjoyable Grey’s episode. What a surprise… Ok, I should stop being cynical, because I really did enjoy this episode. Lowering my expections seems to work wonders on my perception of Grey’s Anatomy.

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