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Movie Night (And Other) Thoughts

The upside to this weird weather are magnificient rainbows. Too bad I was in the car and thus couldn’t take a picture.

It’s been the third Saturday I’m in the car on my way to or from my friend Heidi and the radio is playing Bloodhound Gang’s “The Bad Touch”. I admit it’s starting to freak me out a little bit.

I think we only saw three commercials before the trailers and the movie. One was for cigarettes and another one for Bacardi/something. Weird

There will be a lot of bad comedies hitting the big screen in Germany later this year.

If you’re a movie producer and you don’t want me to see your movie, casting Jennifer Aniston or Til Schweiger is a sure way to achieve that goal.

There are actors who’ve aged well since their first bout of stardom in the 80s. Patrick Dempsey and Rob Lowe for instance. Kevin Bacon on the other hand… not so much.

To quote Ken Levine “I crazy, stupid, liked ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love'”. Interesting characters, great writing and entertaining plot

Ryan Gosling should take off his shirt more often.

Watching Movies…

I try to watch movies from the US or UK in the original English version and it works fine with DVDs. Most cinemas and TV networks in Germany only show the dubbed version of movies. If I haven’t seen the movie in English or if it was a German movie to start with, it’s marked with a [G] for German. The list is chronological, with the latest one on top.

Flypaper (iTunes)
Transformers – Dark of the Moon (Cinema)
The Tree of Life (Cinema) [G]
Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides (Cinema) [G]
Bend It Like Beckham (DVD)
Almanya (Cinema) [G]
Marie Brand und der Sündenfall (TV) [G]
A Knight’s Tale (DVD)
Die Trödelqueen (TV) [G]
Look Back, Don’t Stare (DVD)
Marie Brand und die Dame im Spiel (TV) [G]
The Jane Austen Book Club (DVD)
Same Same, But Different (DVD) [G]
Finding Nemo (TV) [G]
The King’s Speech (Cinema)
Soul Kitchen (DVD) [G]
The American President (DVD)
Last Night (Cinema) [G]
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Know Thine Enemy (DVD)
Verlieren war nicht seins – Erinnerung an Robert Müller (DVD) [G]
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Chinese Walls (DVD)
Marie Brand und die letzte Fahrt (TV) [G]
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – One Guilty Deed (DVD)
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Natural Causes (DVD)
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Word of God (DVD)
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – The Seed of Cunning (DVD)
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – In The Guise of Death (DVD)
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Divine Proportions (DVD)
Inspector Lynley Mysteries – If Wishes Were Horses (DVD)

Movies/TV List of 2010

Movies/TV List of 2009

Movies/TV List of 2008

Movies and TV Series of 2010

Basically just for my own reference. The movies are listed chronologically, the TV series alphabetically. [G/E] indicates the movies/series language.


[G] Avatar 3D (Cinema)
[G] Friendship (Cinema)
[E] Sherlock Holmes (Cinema)
[E] My Best Friend’s Wedding (DVD)
[E] An Ideal Husband (DVD)
[G] New York, I Love You (Cinema)
[G] The Blind Side (Cinema)
[E] Inspector Lynley Mysteries 3.01 – In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner (DVD)
[G] Scheidung für Fortgeschrittene (TV)
[G] Remember Me (Cinema)
[G] Vincent will meer (Cinema)
[E] Inspector Lynley Mysteries 3.02 – A Traitor To Memory (DVD)
[G] Der Kommissar und das Meer – Schwarzer Engel (TV)
[G] Kiss & Kill (Cinema)
[E] Invictus (DVD)
[G] Goethe! (Cinema)
[G] Red (Cinema)
[E] Love Actually (DVD)
[E] Enchanted (DVD)
[E] It’s A Wonderful Life (DVD)
[G] Weihnachten im Morgenland (TV)
[E] Inspector Lynley Mysteries 3.03 – A Cry For Justice (DVD)

TV Series (episodes)
[E] Brothers & Sisters: 4.11 – 5.10
[E] Covert Affairs: 1.01. – 1.02
[E] Flash Forward: 1.11 – 1.12
[E] Grey’s Anatomy: 6.11 – 7.10
[E] Hawaii 5-0: 1.01 – 1.11
[E] How To Make It In America: 1.01 – 1.02
[E] Life Unexpected: 1.01 – 2.07
[E] LOST: 6.01 – 6.16
[E] North & South (mini-series, 4 parts)
[E] Parenthood: 1.01 – 2.10
[E] Raising The Bar: 2.03 – 2.11
[E] Sherlock: 1.01 – 1.03
[E] The Big Bang Therory: 1.01 – 4.10
[E] White Collar: 1.01 – 2.09

The Busiest Week In Recent Years

I can’t remember having had such a stressful week in the recent years as the last one has been. Some of the stress has been my own fault though, so I shouldn’t really complain. Or I’m not entitled to complain :-) I spend all of last weekend discussion the local budget with my local Greens. Two complete days (9 am –  pm5) working through all these numbers and discussing all of it, wears anyone out, I think. It wore me out at least and I wasn’t even in the mood for some TV or DVD afterwards, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything.  I honestly don’t even remember now how I spend my weekend evenings last week.

I usually have a 4-days-work-week , but I had to be at the office all 5 days this week and they were busy days! I admit I just started working at 2 pm yesterday, but because of a meeting I had to stay until 8 pm, which is always fun on a Friday. Not! Monday late afternoon and evening were packed with political meetings I had to attend. On Tuesday I had to stay longer at work than planned, so it was a bit hectic afterwards, because I was meeting friends at the movie theatre. On Wednesday evening I went to see David Garrett in concert. Yesterday evening and most of today’s afternoon I spend with writing a summary of all the things we Greens discussed last weekend, because we still have to work out which additional proposals we want to come up with and to map out our position to this budget. My brain is so tired once again now so I’ll have to work on that for a bt tomorrow as well. Sometimes being the chairwoman of the Green on the town council sucks because of all this work, but it was my own choice to fill this position. And I get an allowance for it, so I shouldn’t complain too much. But it sometimes really is a lot of work.

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Just a few random thoughts…

  • I’m way, way, WAY behind with all the things I want/must do…
  • Every once in a while, when real life seems to catch up with my online life or vice versa I feel like some kind of split personality…
  • I can’t fathom how you can spend your life living in a country without speaking the country’s language. You might physically survive somehow, but it’s so so exhausting to not be able to communicate properly. And it definitely can’t be healthy for your mind, soul and spirit. I know there are thousands of those people among the immigrants in my country and millions all around the world. It makes me sad somehow.They’re missing out on so much…
  • I should watch more Rupert Everett movies…
  • How on earth could I let my chocolate supplies run dry … ?
  • It’s embarrassing, but I still discover (new) things my PalmPre can do…
  • I obviously need more calcium. Or is there another reason why my nail split so much recently…?
  • The “cheering up” effect of watching V watch the Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody was marvelous…
  • I might leave the movie theatre screaming if I see another fantasy/mythical gods/dragons preview any time soon…
  • I had a great time watching “Sherlock Holmes” tonight. Never thought that this character could be that sexy, but Downey Jr. proved me wrong…

Ramblings – Part 3

But now on to the happy stuff. I wrote most of this post yesterday, so this should be quick. All the frustrating things this week once again made me realize that I spent too much time dwelling on all the “bad” stuff and that I have a hard time to let it go and move on. I’m determined to try harder though and to pay more attention to the good and happy stuff. And thus I will follow Steffi’s example with a “happy moments diary”. I won’t post these moments on a daily basis, but rather compile a post at the end of a week. I did something similar a few years back, with “Good & Bad” lists, but now I want to focus on the good and I will definitely try and note at least one happy moment every day. Today that would be

The three very nice and helpful shop assistant/waitress/barista I met in various locations this afternoon.

There were actually a lot of happy moments during the last few days, even if the “Rambling – Part 2” post might have left a different impression. I was just too busy to write about all the events properly before now. And even this will just be a short compilation of the great moments I experienced since last week. Last Wednesday I saw the new StarTrek movie with some friends and I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure I would, because I don’t know much about the original series (even though I was diehard fan of StarTrek TNG in the 90ies) but I loved this movie. It was typical StarTrek stuff, but also extremly funny. And I got kind of sentimental to see the Enterprise and the bridge and was tempted to get hold of some TNG DVDs to watch some of it.

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Must-See Movie: Milk

Oh my God! I can’t remember the last time I cried that much during a movie. I don’t know if I ever cried that much during a movie at all. What an awesome and touching movie. What an important story to be told. It captured the time and age of the 70s so vividly and it’s sometimes hard to believe that homosexuals were treated like that not even a generation ago. It’s even more disturbing to know that even 30 years later there are still countries and societies, which deny homosexuals the right to live their lifes and to just be who they are. To know that even worse in some parts of the world they are still killed just for being homosexuals. One of the many moments that impressed me was Milk’s approach to make the people see that we all know one (or more) gay or lesbian person and that there is absolutely no difference between hetero or gay or lesbian
Dustin Lance Black wrote an amazing script, Gus van Sant did a amazing job directing it, but mostly I bow to Sean Penn for this performance. The Oscar was so so so deserved. In my eyes he became Harvey Milk and disappeared completely behind this character. He was amazing and so was this movie. Unfortunately it’s not shown in to many movie theatres in Germany at the moment and it also seems to be out of the movies soon. So if you haven’t seen it yet, hurry and go and see it. It’s so worth it.

And now I’m off to watch the Oscars speeches on youtube once more…