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„Some of us are like water and some are like heat…

….some are the melody and some are the beat…”

There are these songs you think you know well, because you have heard them so many, many times. But then some day you realize you obviously never have really listened to it. Well, honestly right now I’m talking just about one song, with which this happened to me recently. „Forever Young” by Alphaville. It’s a classic song from the 80s, lots of synthesizer, lots of drum machine and a video which is typical 80s and therefore pretty bad :-) But it was one of the many songs that were played at parties and clubs and discos in the early 90s, when I started going out and dancing. I was partying and singing along to this song’s chorus more often than I can remember.

My most favourite singer/songwriter at the moment – Brandi Carlile – has done a cover version of this song. She obviously is doing it on stage a lot and it’s the hidden track on the Live Album (with a symphony orchestra) she released just a few weeks ago. On youtube I found a clip from another concert and Brandi puts it perfectly in her introduction: „I realized it is not a bad 80s song, it’s a wonderful song with heartbreaking lyrics and I think we can all relate to it so I wanted to a version of it without the digitized drum machine.”

And Brandi’s version completely blew me away. Because for the first time ever I actually listened to the lyrics of the whole song and the lyrics are indeed heartbreaking. Add Brandi’s incredible voice, piano and cello and you’ve got a song that is tugging on my heart strings every time I’m listening to it. And believe me I am listening to it a lot.

Someone put up the song on youtube (just the audio, obviously) so you can check it out yourself, if you like.

Brandi Carlile – Forever Young (Live at Benaroya Hall, 2010)

The Busiest Week In Recent Years

I can’t remember having had such a stressful week in the recent years as the last one has been. Some of the stress has been my own fault though, so I shouldn’t really complain. Or I’m not entitled to complain :-) I spend all of last weekend discussion the local budget with my local Greens. Two complete days (9 am –  pm5) working through all these numbers and discussing all of it, wears anyone out, I think. It wore me out at least and I wasn’t even in the mood for some TV or DVD afterwards, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything.  I honestly don’t even remember now how I spend my weekend evenings last week.

I usually have a 4-days-work-week , but I had to be at the office all 5 days this week and they were busy days! I admit I just started working at 2 pm yesterday, but because of a meeting I had to stay until 8 pm, which is always fun on a Friday. Not! Monday late afternoon and evening were packed with political meetings I had to attend. On Tuesday I had to stay longer at work than planned, so it was a bit hectic afterwards, because I was meeting friends at the movie theatre. On Wednesday evening I went to see David Garrett in concert. Yesterday evening and most of today’s afternoon I spend with writing a summary of all the things we Greens discussed last weekend, because we still have to work out which additional proposals we want to come up with and to map out our position to this budget. My brain is so tired once again now so I’ll have to work on that for a bt tomorrow as well. Sometimes being the chairwoman of the Green on the town council sucks because of all this work, but it was my own choice to fill this position. And I get an allowance for it, so I shouldn’t complain too much. But it sometimes really is a lot of work.

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Strange Restrictions In A Global Economy

In the 21st century all national economies are somehow irrevocably interwined with each other. We get goods from all over the world and we sent German goods all over the world. Thanks to the internet and credit cards we costumers can actually order almost anything from almost anywhere. I remember that I ordered a book via amazon.com in the US and it was sent to me from Australia. Don’t ask me why. I know there are downsides to the globalization of basically everything, but I also like the upsides it has for me as a costumer. Like ordering books or DVDs from another country if these books / DVDs are not available here or were much more expensive. I ordered quite a few via Amazon UK or Play.com during the last few years.

So why on earth is it impossible for me to download a mp3 – something digital which doesn’t have to be delivered – from iTunes UK, Amazon UK, or Play.com if I want to pay for it with my German credit card ?!?!? I just don’t get it !!! Shouldn’t be these almost virtual items be available to anyone who is willing to pay for them? I probably could find it at some of the illegal sources for downloading music, but I don’t want to. I’m more than willing to pay for it. Why is there this stupid restriction about downloading songs from a shop not based in your home country? I could order the CD-single and have it shipped (and convert it to mp3 on my own later anyway), but I can’t download the mp3 in the first place? WTF?!? And don’t get me started about the whole regional code for DVD, which to me is the same crap. Seriously, we’re all connected via the internet all the time anyway, why can’t I just be able to download a song from anywhere else?

The song in question “3 Lions 2010” will be availabe as mp3 download at the German Amazon later this week and probably by then will also appear at the German iTunes store. So it’s not really a big deal and even I – as a reborn *g* Robbie Williams fan – can wait a few more days. It just bothers me on principle!

End of rant, now I’ll just listen to the 1996 version a few more times…

Sleeping Disorder ?

Could anyone explain to me why I’m so tired so often recently? It’s really unusual for me and I don’t like it. I actually think that I sleep enough, but obviously my body needs more sleep. *sigh* Or maybe I just don’t sleep good/deep enough? But I used to, so I have no idea what’s wrong at the moment. But it sucks. This week was kind of busy, when my mom was admitted to hospital on Tuesday unexpectedly. Her GP thought it’d be best if she got a thorough check-up for her current cardiac arrhythmia and her general not feeling well. It all probably was caused, because she is getting very nervous about the catarct surgery which is supposed to happen next week. And being nervous of course leads to arrhythmia in her case *sigh* She’s fine though and was discharged two days later (on Thursday). Things like this still totally mess up my week. But I shouldn’t complain, because she is doing fine and thank god it usually is no big deal to take a day of from work on short notice for these kind of things. It was still a very strange week.
I went to a great concert last night in Cologne: Revolverheld at the Live Music Hall. I’m not a huge fan of their new album, but I really liked the first two and Hai_di and I had a great time last night. It’s always fun to see that those guys up on the stage have so much fun and enjoy being there. Their joy really seemed genuine.

I have not much more to tell, because not much more happened this week. I still didn’t manage to catch up on “Flash Forward”, because even when I would have time to watch an episode I’m already so exhausted already, that I’m afraid my mind wouldn’t be able to process all the new information. And I’m so so tired again already :-) I should head to bed soon to be well rested for tomorrow’s “Coffee, Culture and Cocktails”. (This alliteration looks so much better in English *g*). And I actually wanted to post the project365 photos with this post as well, but then I got hooked on a new game I downloaded for my Palm Pre and took a break from writing this post *headdesk* Now it’s even later and I really should head to bed. I have to get up in the morning to campaign for my Greens in the morning. Tomorrow of all days….But I signed up for it, so I shouldn’t complain now, I knew what date it would be ;-)

Another Musical Post…

And it’s yet another day and it’s already 7.30 PM before I can even consider working on my termpaper. Ok, I could have started with that right away, when I got home around 5.30 PM, but I definitely had to clean my dishes first and put a load of laundry into the washer. And catch up with tweets and blogs and stuff. But to avoid cutting the studying short in order to write another blogpost I write the post first so I don’t have any excuses later…

While I was moping about the stressful life yesterday I completely forgot about all the nice events that I DO have lined up for the near future already. Probably because I bought the tickets or made the plans months ago and it almost slipped my mind that these events are right ahead of me in the next two weeks:

12 March: Sunrise Avenue – unplugged concert
16 March: Diana Gabaldon reading from the latest Outlander novel in Cologne
19 March: Livingston concert

In about 5 weeks (mid-April) I’m off to London for a few days. In early May there will be the icehockey worldchampionship in Germany. And this afternoon I bought a ticket for a concert on 13 May in Cologne. One I never thought I’d actually be able to attend here in Germany, so I’m overly excited and really looking forward to it. And I’m glad that I choose to cancel all of the subscription on myspace blogs in order to use RSS feeds of those blogs in order to get the news in my feedreader. Because I just found out about this concert in during that process:

Brandi Carlile will be playing three shows in Germany in May and one of those in a small club Cologne! *squeeeee* Ever since I got to know her music via Grey’s Anatomy I really wanted to see her in concert one day. She writes such beautiful songs and has got such a great voice and I just wanted to see and hear and experience her live on stage. I never thought this would actually happen, because she isn’t know here in Germany at all. Yet at least, but that might change now :-)
While I was at it I also bought a ticket for a Runrig concert on 27 August. Still a couple of months away, but definitely something I also am looking forward to. To sing “Loch Lomond” with thousands of other fans is going to be amazing and the rest of the concert will probably fun as well.

I had a yummy lunch at Vapiano, broke my resolution for Lent to stay away from Starbucks (it’s so easy to make me happy, I admit it), will now finish this post with the meme I already mentioned yesterday, take care of some more chores and then spend some more time studying. My TV show will have to wait till… welll some day in the very near future :-)

Lyric guessing meme stolen from _takemeaway_

Put your music library on shuffle. Post the first lines of the first 25 songs that come up. The game: Guess which songs the first lines are from. Google = cheating.

I admit I skipped some of the music, which made it to my music library for reasons I don’t even know and which I haven’t listened to once. I also skipped when shuffle chose a third song of a band/singer which was already in this meme… I’d say you’ll probably easily will guess half of it… (comments in both of my blogs combined of course. And don’t cheat *g*)

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Acquiring Music in the 21st Century…

Ugh! Why do I feel like I’m swamped with work for both jobs and my involvement with local politics and the 25 pages termpaper I have to hand in until the 14th and which consists of only a few bullet points so far. Ugh! I’d love to finally start watching episodes 1.07 – 1.11 of “White Collar”, the remaining eight episodes of “Raising the Bar”, start watching “Life Unexpected” and “Being Human”. Not to mention finish reading “The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet” which I loved, but somehow stopped reading about a week ago due to all the other stuff I have to deal with.
I’d love to write a blog post about other things than work or school or health issues. A blog post about happy things. Events to look forward to or great nights I had at the movies or anywhere. But at the moment it seems like all I manage are posts in which I whine and mope about the stressful life I’m leading right now. Who does even want to read posts like that? No one… *sigh* Sometime last week I had this idea for a post and it feels kind of lame to write it now instead of having it written right away. But I’ll give it a try anyway and try to get back into the groove of things. Writing about other stuff than just my mundane, boring and crappy life.

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A Little Bit Of Everything…

On my way to Cologne yesterday I thought about writing the next – this – post about my Roxette fan years (in the 90s). Just a few minutes later I knew I’d have to write about the car trouble as well. In Cologne I then realized I might want to cover the “last Saturday before christmas” madness in the streets of Cologne. During the first part of the “Night of the Proms” I knew I’d have to write a post about this incredible music event. And then Marie Fredriksson came on stage and I was back at making the post about Roxette. So this post is a bit of everything, I guess :-)

I should start with the car trouble. When we drove to the hockey game in Iserlohn on Friday, Bro3 noticed that the windscreen washer at the back window was spraying the fluid too high on the screen and even above, so he fixed that yesterday, before I took his car to get to Cologne. He proudly did inform me about having fixed it. After aprox. 30 minutes on the highway I wanted to clean the front windscreen, because it had gotten a few splashes of slush and dirt from the wet streets on it. The wipers worked, but the washer didn’t. No fluid anywhere, so the wipers just smeared the dirty slush all over the windscreen. Great! Thank God there was a gas- and service station ahead, where I stopped and checked the nozzles, but they weren’t blocked in any way. I called Bro3 and the only explanation he could come up with, that the tubes of the front windscreen washer are frozen. Which probably is doomed to happen at -14,5 C (6 F) + the chilling effect of the apparent wind on a moving car, even when the washer contains some anti-freezing fluid. So there wasn’t much I could do about it except cleaning the screen manually while I parked there and hoping that I wouldn’t get too much more slush and wet dirt on my screen until I reached Cologne.
I don’t think I’ve ever experienced frozen windscreen washer tubes before. I was a bit worried about the drive back home, because I knew it would happen again and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I bought some wet wipes at a drugstore in Cologne, but didn’t even need those, because the washer worked in the parking garage before I drove back and during the first 20 minutes and I managed to stay away from too much slush later on. It’s still an experience I could have done without.

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